[LIVE REVIEW] Max & Iggor Cavalera @ 170 Russell, Melbourne – 21/03/2019

I am in constant awe of what the Cavalera brothers produce music wise but this reaches another level when one is witness to the enthusiasm and determination to keep some of their finest creations alive and breathing.  Despite having long stepped from the band under whose banner the ‘Beneath The Remains’ and ‘Arise’ appear, I firmly believe that many musicians should take a leaf from the Calavera metal manuscript in continuing the celebration of genuinely great albums and ensuring their ongoing reign.  In Melbourne this evening I am thrilled and delighted that so many others are evidently of the same belief as the sold-out show begins to take shape.

I must admit that I have been busting to see Melbourne lads Primitive ever since the Black Blood official music video saw me falling off my chair in enthusiasm and as it turns out they were the perfect choice to open this sold out experience. A few sound issues, which would be minor to mast, proved a little frustrating for me personally because the band were on fire, but there were some difficulties in showing their full capability in being represented as ferociously as the group performed.  Primitive were on fire and with the Cavalera legends listening in from back stage, what possible prompt could a metal group need to convey their very finest.  But watch out world because this mighty metal outfit is only just getting started.  For now, get hold of their self-titled EP and crank it to eleven.  You wont be disappointed.

Onward to the main event and I freely confess that a unique feeling of genuine excitement fills my soul every single time Max Cavalera takes to that stage, so if you read on in hope of a balanced and objective review, please don’t risk disappointment by continuing.    Recollections of the first Killer Be Killed performances in this same august chamber fill me with enthusiasm and the excitement doubled with Iggor at the kit is sure to result in an unapologetic, one eyed account of nothing but metal magnificence.  After all, that’s what you always receive on stage from any of the Cavalera clan but the addition of, and excellent contributions from the supremely talent Marco Rizzo and Mike Leon sent that enthusiasm into the stratosphere.  With the Brazilian metal patriarch strung and ‘Skullcrusher’  posed to pound us into oblivion, we are bombarded with Beneath The Remains to open a thrilling night of legendary ferocity.

Innerself, Stronger than Hate and Mass Hypnosis in order, provide something of dreamscape as the true heights of this shows significance reach their lofty heights.  One truly realises the rich appeal of  this performance to see these brothers performing tracks of such malevolent metal brilliance with all the passion and prowess as when they were penned either side of 1990 (Beneath the Remains in 1989 and Arise in 1991) is something astonishingly magnificent to behold.

To be perfectly honest I thought that the last performances from the pair performing the Roots anniversary shows eighteen months ago had prepared me for tonight’s ripping show but the truth is that this is an entirely different experience.  With Roots released a full five years following Arise the lads were in a different space musically and the angst of the time, particularly with the Roots as Max’s last work with Sepultura, is evident when hearing the celebration of these works live.  Perhaps I am alone in this but I cant help but hear the powerful metal place that Max and Iggor were in circa 1990.  No creative issues, powerfully progressive and taking nothing from Roots, the enthusiasm of the era comes flooding back for me with this killer setlist. Mass Hypnosis and Dead Embryonic Cells live and in person?  Good god almighty.  Bucket list stuff.   Some utterly superb Orgasmatron and Ace of Spades  to celebrate lemmy and the legacy of motorhead is always appreciated and Troops of Doom was a most welcome follow up.

This show by Max & Iggor Cavalera is the epitome of an intimate and personal celebration of past albums and their ongoing excellence.  Breathing air into a corpse or flogging a dead horse? Neeeeighhhh. This is a reminder of how brilliant music should be relived regularly and with the original master to deliver the goods, it simply doesn’t get any better.  Absolutley brilliant and many thanks Max and Iggor.

Review Contributed by Casper

Gallery by Shane Henderson