[ALBUM REVIEW] Beast In Black – From Hell With Love

From Hell With Love Tracklist:

Cry Out For A Hero
From Hell With Love
Sweet True Lies
Die By The Blade
Unlimited Sin
True Believer
This Is War
Heart Of Steel
No Surrender
Killed By Death (Bonus track)
No Easy Way Out (Bonus track)

Reviewed by Casper

Its reasonably rare that I listen to the first track of an album and find myself bouncing around the office in bewildered glee, but one listen to this tremendously exciting album and you will know exactly where I’m at.

This astonishing rollercoaster of an album is the latest work of metal mastermind Anton Kabanen and the latest blend of incredibly talented musicians and collaborators.

With the arrival of debut offering Berserker here is no doubt that the man responsible for the first three Battle Beast albums has struck gold yet again with Beast In Black but, for me at least From Hell With Love achieves at least three significant benchmarks.  The first is the band seen etching their own signature sound in the annals of world music history.  The second is that the band members each provide clear and indisputable evidence of their monumental abilities but the third is that this group have essentially created a masterwork of such creative sound diversity that there is literally something for every music lovers personal tastes.   I was personally quite excited that Beast In Black had created a power metal collection at least as good as Berserker, but to see my already lofty expectations exceeded to such measure is very satisfying indeed.

I am excited like a kid before Christmas with the introduction of Cry Out For A Hero but the vocal delivery blasts that enthusiasm to a level I can scarcely contain. 

But hey….enough about me.

The power of the opener is truly awe-inspiring throughout with riffs aplenty, pounding percussive prominence and screeching vocal brilliance that will leave you breathless.  From Hell With Love continues an unmistakable 80’s sound but heavy enough to be an 80’s we never witnessed.  The groove and melodic majesty of this track continue the trend of the album shaping up to be an epic adventure of musical magnificence.  Sweet True Lies has already enjoyed well-deserved favour with listeners, although some of that appeal could be the ‘knock that cheating bastards dick in the dirt’ film clip that accompanies the track. And who could possibly object to the soaring sounds and furiously superb vocals all accompanied by the backing tones akin to ABBA having grown a pair. Um….each. 

Fortunately, the early release of the brilliant Die By The Blade lyric video has proven even more popular, cementing that Sweet True Lies numbers were no stroke of luck.

As our journey continues deeper into the depths of musical appeal, Repentless sees Greek vocalist Yannis Papadopoulos achieve notes that beggar belief and the backing singers provide a medieval style accompaniment to soaring solos and double kick drum fury all colliding in a work of such magnificence that you honestly believe that the following tracks cannot possibly hold a candle to the former.  But guess what? 

The pipes introducing the beautiful, haunting and somber Oceandeep are a surprise indeed.  This track, although is musically superb, awakens a distinct feeling of loss and sadness.  Anton explains to me in a recent chat that this track is indeed about loss and I feel vindicated to a degree but how Kasperi Heikkinen manages to bring his guitar to weep on my behalf is beyond words. The track soars in optimistic determination raging at heights both vocally and instrumentally until the track is laid to peaceful rest upon finale.  Amazing.

Unlimited Sin launches us back into the power metal perfection with all the power of a symphony orchestra, again pounding and rattling every ounce of your being before True Believer pounds out a track closer to traditional Teutonic metal but extremely welcome addition to the lineup.

This Is War pounds in with all the percussive power of battle drums calling to arms and you can apply your own cause to this ‘stand up and fight’ anthem safe in the knowledge it will rally the troops to resolute victory.

The storytelling in Heart Of Steel bring a superb reminder that many of Anton’s creations are inspired by characters from Japanese manga and anime but at the 57 second mark, you too will powerless to resist the appeal.   You will be out of your seat, fist in the air with a cape fashioned from a bedsheet around your neck screaming the powerful vocals back at Beast In Black with a chest-bursting in camaraderie.

The unrestrained riffage and impressive lungful of scream that introduces No Surrender are breathtaking indeed but by the end of this incredibly appealing number, chock full of hooks and soaring riffs, you will find yourself panting, pleased and pressing play all over again.

Perhaps it is a sense of keen anticipation since the release of Berserker but this album carries an additional dimension of monumental excitement for me.  This album is a rare gem that bursts free of aural confines and blasts its way into your very soul.  Not only are you powerless to resist its appeal, we become its wiling recipient. This will rock you to your core. Thrilling, appealing, engaging and ferocious.   You MUST have it.