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Well, since last we at Silver Tiger Media were bestowed with the privilege of penning an early review for the last studio release from The Dead Daisies in Make Some Noise, the band have released their sensational live set Live And Louder and made adjustments to the dynamic line up yet again.

Legendary drummer Brian Titchy who brought so much to The Dead Daisies from thrilling live performances at the kit to sharing his vast suite of talents to studio work and ultimately, brilliant recordings, left to pursue other commitments and projects.  His antics as pre-show DJ, shocking the band with his limitless guitar and song writing skills or bringing Japanese fans to tears with his comical onesie observations, Brian brought a treasure trove of inspiration and contributions to the group.  But its was time to set off into his future projects.

News of Brian’s departure brought concern to many a fan and worry for some that The Dead Daisies may call it a day, but this all was of no concern to us at STM.  We had our suspicions and let me offer assurance that it is frequently difficult to keep lips sealed, but after the release of Light In The Dark from Revolution Saints, there were murmurings among the STM staff.  But the truth is that all involved managed to keep shtum primarily because from tryouts to triumph, the selection process for Deen Castronovo took place over mere days.  Have a listen to Deen tell me about the whirlwind process here!

Having been through the wringer both professionally and personally, the former Wild Dogs, Journey, Bad English and current Revolution Saints multi-talented musician had made peace with the past and was being blessed with a clear path into the future.  The cathartic autobiography Light In The Dark had obviously purged sufficient negative energy for Deen and we at STM were thrilled with the news his appointment to The Dead Daisies kit.  If Brian had to go, there was no one better placed to step into the breech.  Being in such an energetic and positive space, having challenged and defeated his own demons, shuffled off the lies and deceit being peddled by popular press, and making amends with those hurt along the way, there was no better time for Deen to shuffle off the past and put all into the future with The Dead Daisies.   With The Dead Daisies consisting of rock legends and a wealth of experience, their approach has always been to invest in the skill of all when penning new tunes, therefore the stage was set for something very special indeed.

Enter legendary producer Marti Frederiksen who also cast his magic over Make Some Noise, as did Anthony Fox at the mixing board who returns for Burn It Down for mix and mastering, along with legend Howie Weinberg.

Now let’s put that into perspective.  It may be apt to liken the band’s evolution to a fine, coveted and precious wine that has brought monumental joy to many throughout each vintage uncorked, but over time, the original vision of master oenologist, David Lowy intact.  With various vintners adorning the band with their own adornments and indeed, methods of purveyance, an unprecedented maturing arrived with Make Some Noise.  The band had combined the perfect blend of established and celebrated spices and flavors and in writing, performing, producing, recording, mixing and indeed, packaging and found a most palatable homogenization.  And now, along with the contributions of Deen Castronovo and his creative exuberance, there has been a unique fermenting of sorts.  Prepare thee well, as we are poised ready to uncork this manifestation of musical perfection.

Prior to popping one must perusing the packaging and for it is for now sans medals or peer recognition’s with and consumer celebration.  For now, and that won’t be for long.  Exploring The Dead Daisies catalog from an album artwork perspective is really all you need to set the scene to perfection and that journey begins with the first self titled album and EP Face I Love.  The cranial chrysanthemums took on first form that would evolve along with the bands superb sound, culminating in the most recent manifestation Burn It Down.  A more furious and slightly malevolent scene of iron and fire among a backdrop of flame resistant daisies and that my friends, provides the perfect scenery for the music itself.  So perfect in fact that a picture disc would be equally appropriate and, well…the daisies have you covered there too.

These famous and accomplished artists are busy, quite literally all the time.  David is flying here and there engaged in a myriad of activities, each beautifully packaged into neat parcels and all in receipt of the appropriate measure of his attention.

Hopefully a listen to Deen in the aforementioned interview will have shed sufficient light on where this cat’s at and rocking it so very well.

Doug Aldrich is right at home helping visitor’s to Las Vegas who are intent on Raiding The Rock Vault, being the attentive family man, working in the studio and doubtless always nutting out new riffs for the next Revolution Saints release with Deen and Jack Blades.   Here our review of their last release is here. And a chat with Doug about this album here.

Marco Mendoza is, right at the time of writing, swapping text messages with me from Hamburg, Germany during the last few shows on his Viva La Rock European Tour in celebration of his album of the same name.  The review of the album is here and a chat with Marco while out on the road here.

Crabby Cakes is enjoying the rebirth of the sensation Motley Crue self titled album of 1994 as it rises from the annals of rock history and soars as high an mighty as was originally intended.  A recording from his run of shows entitled ’94 Live ONE NIGHT IN NASHVILLE and here’s our review for this work and our killer chat with John Corabi about this vastly significant album here.

Most would have encountered these magnificent performers at some point during their illustrious careers and aficionados of rock need no reminding of who is at work here, but for newcomers I offer the previous insights in order to provide our esteemed protagonists with appropriate introduction.

So without further ado, lets venture forth into the searing, soaring sensation that is Burn It Down. Our Review of this album you can find here: http://silvertigermedia.com.au/2018/03/17/album-review-the-dead-daisies-burn-it-down/