[LIVE REVIEW] Sevendust @ Capitol Theatre, Perth 30/04/2019

Sevendust has been touring the country for a while now and their last stop was in little old Perth at the infamous Capitol nightclub & music venue. They were joined by RedHook, a female fronted band from Sydney who most certainly got the crowd nicely warmed up for the main act. With so much energy in the room, you didn’t feel the cold air that was seeping in from the open exit door at the rear of the venue.

RedHook kicked off the night with a bang, pleasantly surprising those of us who hadn’t seen or heard of them before as they mixed rough female & male vocals, heavy riffs and State Champs-like pop punk vibes intertwined to create their own unique sound. Every member of RedHook seemed to be hyper on stage, never ceasing to move during songs. I found it hard to keep my eyes off of the stage and in particular their frontwoman, Emmy Mack, who seemed to jump from one side of the stage to another whilst laying down some extremely impressive vocals.

There was a long break, creating a super suspenseful atmosphere after RedHook closed their set, then finally Sevendust’s super-charged introduction played and the band stepped out on stage! The large crowd all shouting and clapping as each member appeared from the shadows and began their first song, Dirty.

Sevendust played through all their classics, but with a career of nearly 30 years strong, it’s not a surprise that some of their songs were left off the setlist. Fan favourites like Denial, Praise, Enemy & Black were played of course as well as many songs off of their 2018 album titled All I See Is War. Drummer, Morgan Rose, was an unstoppable force throughout the night, powering through every song with ease. Waffle sent the crowd into a frenzy with frontman, Lajon Witherspoon, commanding the circle pits throughout the show, he certainly knew how to keep the audience in the palm of his hand. Bass player, Vinnie Hornsby and guitarists, Clint Lowry & John Connolly made sure there was always movement on stage, jumping around and getting the audience hyped up throughout songs. It was a spectacle to watch the band worked together like they were all one organism on stage, all playing their parts to make it the best show they’ve ever played!

Their heavy riffs, incredible drum solo’s and the mixture of clean and rough vocals made Sevendust’s performance was truly something to behold. It’s not a surprise that their fanbase spans across the world, these guys are true rock stars! The way Sevendust kept interacting with the crowd was certainly one of the highlights of the night, it made the gig feel more intimate, even when standing at the very back of the packed out crowd! When the main set finished, the audience was begging for more, chanting “Seven-dust! Seven-dust!…”.

So to close the tour, the band played a two-song encore and ended the night on Face To Face. I don’t think a single fan went home disappointed that night, but if so, it would only be because it didn’t last any longer!

It was such a great experience seeing such incredible acts like RedHook and Sevendust live and to see everyone in the room having such a fantastic time throughout the night just made it that extra bit special! If either of these bands is playing a show near you, you’d be silly to miss them!

Review Contributed by Nicola Arnold

Gallery by Isabelle Haubrich