[LIVE REVIEW] Groovin’ The Moo 2019 @ Bendigo 04/05/2019

Today’s Theme: glitter, fishnets and see-through clothing.

Groovin the Moo 2019 in Bendigo to say the least was an unbelievably memorable day of dancing, groovin’ and hearing lots of new voices. Though the weather was forecast to be a high of 16 and a low 8 degrees, it stopped no one from wearing what they had probably planned for months. I felt cold just looking at some of the girls wearing the shortest of all short shorts and bras, and even in one case, a leotard with fishnets. But some did dress for the occasion in cow patterned cloths and cow onesies. Even a group of people dressed as Star Wars characters!

With four stages running all day long it was hard to see every act, though I did try. First up on stage three, in the tent was The Merindas dressed in pink frills. Although they didn’t have a huge crowd, they were still as inclusive as you would see some of the other bigger bands being, which I thought was awesome.

Across on stage two of the main stages was Angie McMahon with some more chilled out beats and a beautiful voice. Her 30-minute set had people flowing over to hear her play her guitar, but also to ensure that they had a good spot to see G Flip who was up next on the other main stage.

Back over on stage three was Camouflage Rose, who has defiantly earned a new fan. Very engaging in his performance, the crowd feeding off his energy as he danced and rapped his way all over that stage.

Over on stage four in a big shed type of area was Soju Gang, Rebecca Hatch, Ridzy Ray and Daniel Elia who were handpicked by Drmngnow, an indigenous group. They performed so well together and had amazing voices and beats. For the majority of the day, everyone who performed on this stage did have a smaller crowd than the other stages but were never discouraged and still performed some killer sets.

Other than the music, Groovin the Moo had heaps to offer. There was an abundance of food options everywhere, a place to get your hair braided and have sparkles put on your face, in your hair and even in beards. There was a stall to make your very own tote bag and a pool party themed room to dance. Even though it was freezing, the sun did peak out a little bit to cheer up the girls in their underwear, but as the sun went down, there was no getting warm unless you were lucky enough to be in the middle of the crowd, even wearing 3 pairs of socks, I still couldn’t feel my toes.

Back on stage two was A$AP Twelvyy, who put on a great performance that drew in the biggest crowd for the day so far. From a distance, the scene looked like something out of 8 Mile. Everyone’s hands in the air bopping at the same time as he rapped. Following on the same stage was Trophy Eyes who were probably one of the heaviest bands of the day. I saw these guys a month ago when they opened for one of my favorite bands, Bring Me the Horizon. It’s amazing to see that whether they’re an opening act or part of a festival, they’re still top of their game. A spinning, jumping and loud performance with an added callout to a guy dressed as Elmo in the crowd, ‘Elmo, if I don’t see you dancing, I’ll come down there and fuck you up’, was concluded with their no.1 song at the moment You Can Count on Me.

The very calming and chilled out Aurora and Crooked Colours were up one after another on stage three. Both amazing sets with fans unable to stop swaying to the music, with hands swaying side to side.

The main stages are where I stayed for the remainder of the day from here. On stage two was the amazing and long-awaited Regurgitator with an amazing 50-minute set filled with banter and hilarious song titles including I Will Lick Your Asshole and even I Sucked a Lot of Cock to Get Where I Am. I’m not sure how many teenagers knew lyrics to these songs, but I know almost every parent and adult in the crowd were screaming the words back. If you have never heard of these guys, it’s time to start. They closed the set with my favorite song of theirs, ! (The Song Formally Knows As).

As Coolio was getting set up to come out on stage one, Spinderella hit up the crowd with some oldies but goodies to sing and dance to as she mixed them up. As soon as Coolio did come out though, the crowd became so tightly packed that it was impossible to move at all. He was defiantly recognizable, if by nothing else, his famous little pigtails pointing odd directions. I have never really listened to much Coolio except his last song, Gangsta’s Paradise, which had everyone swarming to the stage like ants on honey to hear this world-renowned rap classic.

Next up on stage two was Hilltop Hoods who I think everyone was excited for, opening their set with Leave Me Lonely drawing everyone, myself included into their incredible show. Even though it was unbelievably squishy in the crowd, it was so worth it when everyone is singing the same song top of their lungs together and moving with the beat of all songs as if being controlled by the music. Overhead, balloons were being hit around the crowd, and even what looked like a blown-up condom. These guys weren’t just there to perform though but to take care of everyone, telling the crowd to stop pushing, saying that they can see people being squished. They told their crowd that they didn’t want any more pushing forwards but if you had space, to take a step back. By the last song they asked if anyone wanted to play a game with Hilltop, “if you want to play, take off an item of clothing, a shoe, a sock, a hat, anything and wave it around in the air”.

Back over to stage one was the incredible Nick Murphy, who played a one-hour set, which seemed like three as everyone was getting pumped for Billie Eilish. Some of his songs were really nice and calming, and some were really dancey getting the crowd moving and jumping with him, until he went back to his piano to create beautiful tunes to groove to. Towards the end of the set, the crowds were at their biggest, spreading across all stages extended right to the barricades, juggling for a good vantage point to see out the night.

FINALLY, it was Billie’s time to shine. Before she even came on, a mesmerizing video played, and there’s no other way to describe it other than it feeling so much like the video game Limbo. Very creepy and somewhat unsettling, but I don’t think anything else would fit her as much. The beautiful, talented 17-year-old skipped out onstage in a matching read tracksuit and space buns. Her set opened with Bad Guy building up the electricity in the crowd, jumping for almost the whole set. The chorus was sung so loudly by everyone that it was a little hard to hear anything happening on stage, but it wasn’t difficult to see her jumping and dancing with so much enthusiasm that her hair was falling out everywhere. Her short, yet unbelievable set included You Should See Me in a Crown, idontwannabeyouanymore, COPYCAT, Wish You Were Gay, Bellyache, and to close out her set, Burry a Friend. There was not a dull moment from the second she stepped on stage, from her crazy, erratic dancing, to the crowd jumping, everyone singing together. We can’t wait for Billie to come back.

Once Billie’s show was over, some people went to see to the last shows playing on stage three and four or waited to hear the last band on stage one play, but others, like myself and family, could no longer stand the freezing cold temperatures and made a beeline for the gates to get to their cars and sit with the heater on full blast. The line for the merch stand filled up quickly again for everyone hoping to get that last-minute memento, I even saw a few people standing at food stalls trying to warm their hands up on the hot glass displays. Overall, the day was an amazing opportunity to find a new artist and have a groovy time out with the chance to wear some unorthodox clothes. I can’t wait to see what Groovin the Moo has to offer next year.

Review Contributed by Miranda Allan

Gallery by Matt Allan