[LIVE REVIEW] Baby Animals w/ Killing Heidi @ Croxton Hotel, Melbourne 10/05/2019

ROCK CHICKS REPRESENT! It was a sold-out show at the Croxton last night, with a doubleheader of the most epic proportions. Killing Heidi and the Baby Animals hosting a packed house of rockologists, and with so many gigs on offer last night around town it still proves time and time again that Melbourne is the home of live music. We the fans speak with our hard earned, supporting our love of music, buying that ticket and turning up to gigs. That being said, it was time for a bit of fangirling so I grabbed my spot front and centre and prepared myself for an awesome night of Australian rock music.

Think dynamic, think energetic, think fan-bloody-tastic, and in a nutshell you have Violet Towns finest, Killing Heidi. They gave us an hour of rock that left me exhausted just watching, Ella Hooper taking the reins and riding the show at a gallop for the full 60 minutes. Clad in leopard print from head to toe, she looked ravishingly beautiful as she opened with Calm Down and I Am. Brother Jesse Hooper doing his part shredding up a storm on lead guitar. While not quite as adventurous as his sibling on stage he played to absolute perfection, keeping things tight and sounding amazing. Outside Of Me and the gorgeous Heavensent were up next with Clio Renner doing a fabulous job on keys over the duration of the set. She is a perfect fit with the band and she interacted with Ella a lot with quirky banter and an easiness that I really enjoyed. Tim Curnick knew what to do and did it well on bass duties and Karl Lewis looked quite at home behind the kit.

Want Everything was a not a Killing Heidi song, but one from over their hiatus period when Verses came into play. A terrific addition to the setlist as was Ella’s Eurovision single Data Dust, I loved this song and Ella was full of admiration and praise for Tania Doko who happened to pop up beside me to watch Ella perform it. She was also in the Eurovision finals and it was abundantly clear they have a beautiful friendship. Then things went way way back to where it all started with Kettle and then the upbeat Live Without It. Ella worked the stage with so much energy, always on the move, hair flipping and head spinning. Constantly on her knees singing to the adoring fans even taking the crowd to hunt for a hot date. She had all the moves and she used them every chance she could, sexy and sassy and everything a rock chick should be, and I could certainly feel a girl crush coming on strong.

Mascara saw the fans take it up a notch, and pull out their best singing voices, and they kept them going for the sensational cover of The Divinyls, Boys In Town. What a cracker, it went off like a frog in a sock, the fans blasting back the lyrics with gusto, Ella’s delivery was brilliant, channeling her inner Chrissy with ease. Superman Supergirl had us bouncing then Real People and the most famous of all their songs Weir. The punters were happy to step up and take over the vocals, thoroughly enjoying every word, what a blistering end to their set. Ella’s parting words were “we’re back baby” and we the fans could not be happier.  It was rock at it best and if you weren’t a Killing Heidi fan when you walked in, you sure as shit would be now!

The Baby Animals are a household name Australia wide, selling out shows everywhere they go, last nights gig was no exception. The punters flock in to see them and as a lifelong fan that included me. The roar was huge as they hit the stage opening with Early Warning, Under Your Skin and Backbone. Suze DeMarchi raising the heat as she belted out Break My Heart, this woman oozes sexiness with every word, and it wasn’t just the guys feeling the temperature rise.  Painless, Invisible and Tonight were next up, Dave Leslie scintillating on lead guitar, making it look effortless as his fingers flew across the frets. There was a lot of love on stage between this band and it radiated to us tenfold, they know each other inside out and it is a testament to their perfect flow. Mick Skelton hitting the skins with passion, and never losing his smile, he was loving every minute of his stage time and it showed with every song.

Dario Bortolin has his finger in many musical pies but will always be known first and foremost as bass player for the Baby Animals, he is an exceptional musician and is always extremely engaging with the fans. His rugged good looks catch the eye of many a female fan in the crowd as he keeps the bassline covered with ease.  As a frontwoman and rock chick extraordinaire Suze endlessly delivers, with her guitar slung low and her luscious voice she is a woman to be admired, as she closes her eyes and loses herself in the music it really is a sight to see. Because I Can, Email and Got It Bad to name a few of the extensive setlist led us to One Word and Rush You, these were the killers tracks everyone wanted to hear and The Croxton exploded upon there delivery. The night could easily have finished here, the crowd was completely satisfied they had their arses rocked off and sung their hearts out but after a quick exit from the stage, the Baby Animals made a return to give us three more.

Just when you thought Suze couldn’t get any better, she sang Impossible To Fly, and the smouldering sensual sounds were hot, hot hot! Then they cranked it up with How Do I Make You, a great one to sing along to and the bitchin’ Aint Gonna Get saw out the night.

Last night was a time for our women of rock to shine, and we loved every minute. So when in doubt buy the bloody concert ticket, life is to short, get out there and get amongst it, you will be damn glad you did!

Review Contributed by Cassandra Hale

Gallery by Jaidyn Hale