[ALBUM REVIEW] Beasto Blanco – We Are

We Are tracklist:

The Seeker
Solitary Rave
Ready To Go
Perception Of Me
Let’s Rip
Half Life
We Got This
Follow The Bleed
I See You In It
Halcyon (Bonus track on CD & download versions)

 Reviewed by Rohan

No doubt all familiar with the exploits of Beasto Blanco will have enjoyed the early release of The Seeker, understanding that this tremendous track is merely a taste of what is to come with the group’s latest collection in We Are.

Admittedly the monstrously magnificent metamorphosis of Beasto Blanco to date has been a joy to behold and the release of The Seeker gives rise to feelings of awe and foreboding the latest manifestation takes its first steps upon the earth’s soil and begins to stalk us, looming and ravenous a malevolent entity. 

Of course, as I sit with needle poised to penetrate the willing vinyl furrows, my feelings of gleeful anticipation give rise to a realisation that I have set lofty expectations for this melodic entity.  But to me, that is the perfect way to begin a new journey with Beasto Blanco. Excited, fearful, joyful and trembling…then the assault begins.   Calico’s scream at the beginning of The Seeker suit the mood perfectly and Brother Latham wrings every ounce of accompanying angst from his axe and Chuck hurls forth the perfect vocal grit we have come to expect.  But many have already enjoyed this track and the new dimension established with its position in sequence is the excitement in opening the collection.  After all, we are at the hands of tremendously talented rockers, one and all. Albeit our Beasto is a slightly modified line-up, they are just as exciting and engaging as ever before.  Our primary protagonists Chuck Garric, on guitars and vocals, Calico Cooper on vocals, Brother Latham on guitars, Jan LeGrow on bass and Sean Sellers at the kit are utterly astounding and the odd cameo from the brilliant Glen Sobel completes the package perfectly.

Beasto Blanco has again engaged the services or Ryan Greene just as they did with their sophomore self-titled and with little wonder.  This tremendous producer has worked with everyone from the Empress of Soul Gladys Knight to the irreverent The War on Errorism by NOFX.  Alice Cooper, Patti LaBelle, Usher, Megadeth, Jay-Z, Tonic, Mr. Big, Wilson Phillips, Lita Ford, Cheap Trick and countless more but the most amazing aspect of Ryan’s achievements in musical diversity is his apparent ability to draw from the artist, skills and facility they never knew themselves to be capable of.  We Are from Beasto Blanco is no exception to Ryan’s remarkable work and one wonders how much the band members pondered who we are as a part of the creative process.  As Solitary Rave struts forth from your speakers with malevolent intent, Calico serenades you with a grove dripping with mystery and clicking of fingers drawing you forth helpless to resist, you realise what this album will be all about.  This is Beasto Blanco now…today.  Not new and improved, nor better than before.  This is an evolution.  A maturing if you will as all the appeal of Beasto Blanco is right in your face but this album brings so much more than we could possibly have hoped for.   Solitary Rave has so many elements working together to captivate you from the get-go.  Melodically brilliant and you remain helpless to resist its appeal, due in no small part to more hooks than a pirate’s toolbox.

Ready To Go takes us a little further along the path of discovery and at this stage, we have firmly established that Beasto Blanco, through the incredible talents of the cast assembled, are going to use skills to sprinkle the magical glitter of diversity throughout their latest collection.  As Down creeps into your life, one imagines pleas for salvation cupped in tear-soaked hands as a replacement to muscles and knuckles, as this incredible track provides a path for you to purge the angst.  Calm, fearless even carless so close to transition.  Down. This track will be adapted by so many to fuel their own desires but it must be said that this haunting track, from a musical perspective alone, is pure genius.     

Perception Of Me is a further example of how the band has managed to build already excellent music into a heaving behemoth of groundbreaking brilliance.  Already a compelling live act with a new offering sure to build their global fan base exponentially, by the time we say her name to complete this track, one cannot help but ponder how Beasto Blanco  have managed to inject so much of the appeal of their live performance into this album.   Yes, one track alone makes you realise that Beasto Blanco is a sublime journey bursting with infinite possibility and we are the beneficiaries of its most recent development.  As air raid sirens warn you of an invading force, Let’s Rip brings my former sentiments accompanying the preceding song to new heights of excited anticipation.  For you?  Who knows.  I believe the very least you will experience is a burning desire to rush right out, no matter the distance ahead and seek out a Beasto Blanco concert…NOW!  

The six-string drifter pace of Half-Life, the double time urgency of We Got This, to the suitably chilling and thrilling Follow The Bleed, this album is bursting with diversity, delivered to utter perfection.  Each track blistering and bubbling with familiar aspects of musical brilliance.  Brilliant metal riffs that the big four would kill for, the familiar highlights of classic rock, the emotive power of vocal perfection and every protagonist shining as a shimmering jewel adorning the crown of musical finery.  It’s all here in this magnificent album.  I See You In It is so aptly titled for this incredible collection as glimpses of the band member signature styles flash by in a kaleidoscope new music blended successfully into an even bigger and better beast entirely.

Halcyon the bonus track is a perfect finale to this magnificently sequenced celebration of rock genius.  Diverse style smattered with urgency, compelling lyrics and ferocious vocal delivery, breathtaking pace enhanced by musical ebb and flow.  Somehow the band has managed to inject such a vast collection of appealing musical elements and skilfully combined them into a new highlight in the history of rock n roll.  Unmistakably Beasto Blanco but like never before.  All the elements we love but blended into something more exciting than ever before. Perhaps performing the globe over with their usual endeavors fuels the individual performers with renewed urgency and determination to go bigger and better.  Perhaps it is simply that the more time rock legends spend together, something remarkable will organically develop.  Who really knows what combination of elements, environment, heritage, and talent come together to make something truly remarkable.  Indeed, why analyze it.  Just sit back and enjoy?  Nay.  Something as exciting and brilliant as We Are from Beasto Blanco compels you to get up and rage as a component of the marvelous renascence.  Each offering prior from BB has been tremendously exciting but We Are is an unprecedented level of musical magnificence.  We expected so much, our expectations high, but this is so much more than we had any right to hope for.  I would like to say masterwork, but with endless possibility and immeasurable talent, who knows what this incredible group will do next.    

Brauvara Beasto Blanco.   Utterly brilliant.

Beasto Blanco released WE ARE, via Rat Pak Records. 

You can get your copy HERE