Interview with Chuck Garric & Calico Cooper (Beasto Blanco)

STM’s Casper spoke with Calico Cooper and Chuck Garric of BEASTO BLANCO during their Tour with Halestorm and Palaye Royale recently regarding their upcoming album release WE ARE. Due out 24 May 2019 Via Rat Pak Records.

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Beasto Blanco; the band comprised of Chuck Garric (long time Alice Cooper bassist) on guitars and vocals, Calico Cooper on vocals, Brother Latham on guitars, Jan LeGrow on bass and Sean Sellers on drums, will release their 3rd studio album We Are on May 24, 2019, via Rat Pak Records.  We Are is the follow-up album to their highly successful 2016 self-titled sophomore release Beasto Blanco. Produced by Ryan Greene, the new album is available for pre-order in various bundle configurations at

Regarding the new album Chuck Garric comments, “We spent a lot of time channelling, dissecting and arranging the songs from our new album. The idea was, “Let’s make ‘our’ record – not necessarily what’s popular now or what we think other people will like. We said, let’s make a record for us and our fans. Our fans are loyal and our sound is our sound.

 Guitarist Brother Latham adds “We Are” is a novel record for us.  It shows maturity in the band, without surrendering our reckless abandon and love of rock n’ roll!

Calico Cooper adds, “This record has teeth. It’s got a bite to it that I love. Its message is from the people we see around us every day, it’s heartbeat is so loud. It says We are strong. We are indestructible. We are here. We Are!