[EP REVIEW] Echo Del Tusker – Words To Live By

Words To Live By Tracklist:

1 – Can’t Keep Your Man
2 – Fix Your Face
3 – Endless 
4 – Colour Of Love
5 – World Is Yours
6 – Endless Acoustic
7 – Fix Your Face Acoustic

 Reviewed by Jodi Maree

Melbourne is well known for producing some damn fine rock acts over the years. Many of whom planted their seeds and grew their roots at our famous Cherry Bar as well as various other local haunts.

From bands like Massive, Tequila Mockingbyrd, Dead City Ruins, and Cicadastone, we really have been spoiled for choice on great good old-fashioned rock.

So it is no surprise at all that Echo Del Tusker slot right in amongst these guys given that they are comprised of former members of each of the aforementioned.

Giving us their first, much anticipated, 5 track EP called Words To Live By, being a very bluesy soulful rock selection which showcases the indelible vocals of the extremely talented, yet humble Estelle Artois.

Joined by the equally masterful Brendan Forward and Mick Quee, and Josh Potter on drums, the musical stylings of each combined have created such a beautifully balanced sound.

Opening with Can’t Keep Your Man, a track with a strong beat and sound mildly reminiscent of Rival Sons, the track just has a groove you can’t shake, and I found myself singing along by my second playthrough. The bridge kicks in with some sublime bass to shake you up.

Fix Your Face is next and is really upbeat.  It made me want to jump and bounce around instantly with that ‘get up and rock’ gusto. I can see it being a track that really gets a live crowd moving.

Endless is one of those tracks that is simply amazing whether done electrically or acoustically.  With such a catchy chorus, and lyrics that can really apply to so many.  Again, Estelle’s vocals are superb. Her range and depth are like that of someone far beyond her years.  And whilst the production and layering are amazing, believe me this powerhouse can really belt it out live too.

With a sultry sound, Colour of Love is a track which also highlights the fantastic backing vocals and the ridiculously good musicianship of these guys. 

The World Is Yours is not as edgy as some of the other tracks, but lyrically, vocally and musically it is just so damn beautiful.  So soulful and left me wanting more.

I really cannot talk these guys up enough, because, to be frank, they are just the real deal. Such awesomely humble people, supremely talented, with an appeal which will span across genres and ages.

If you have the need for some new music, get yourself a copy of Words To Live By, because these guys are going to really go places as Echo Del Tusker. It is like a coming together of all the right puzzle pieces, forming a real masterpiece.

And of course, if you get the opportunity to see them live, do not miss it! Anyone who appreciates a wide variety of quality music is sure to really dig them.