[ALBUM REVIEW] Orpheus Omega – Wear Your Sins

Wear Your Sins Tracklist:

1. Lighthouse
2. In Time
3. Suffer
4. When Hope Gives Way to Reason
5. Insinerate
6. Unblinking
7. Swim In The Black
8. Wash It All Away
9. Distorted Words
10. Wear Your Sins

 Reviewed by Mitch Charlton

Orpheus Omega are back with a brand-new album that’s overflowing with groove-laden Melo-death riffage titled Wear Your Sins. This is the darkest sound the 5-piece have released to date and we all thought that their previous album Partum Vita Mortem was gloomy but Orpheus have somehow taken what they created in 2015, thrown it to the ground and pummelled it to bring out an even heavier sound.

For the readers that are familiar with Orpheus Omega, you already know how hard-working a band they are in and out of the studio. With International/national tours, 3 albums and a live DVD under their belts it’s given them the experience to be able to write and play the way they do. For those of you who haven’t heard Orpheus before, get on to it, get this album.

Wear Your Sins brings another level of musicianship from the band, the riffs are quicker and heavier, the melodies are brighter and the vocals, cleans and harsh styles are both outstanding. The frequency of the clean styled vocals on this album becomes more apparent as it progresses and it never falls short of what the song is needing, it gives the album a sense of polarity or diversity and also keeping that Re Route to Remain era In Flames sound, that we know they do so well.

Mentioning the Gothenburg sound, this album is full of influences from that scene, straight from the album opener Lighthouse, till the closing title track Wear Your Sins, you can hear it. In Time kicks in a healthy blast beat and tremolo guitar riff that will make you pay attention, make sure you do pay attention to the keys in this section, incredible playing that embellishes the riff and brings it together. My Favourite tracks from the album are on the heavier end of the spectrum, Suffer and Wash It All Away. Suffer was their first single for the release and it was a killer choice, this shows off the bounce and groove perfectly in their writing, this one is going to be a great crowd mover live. Wash It All Away has this stomping beat to it that you can help but headbang to, it re-enforces the groove aspect of the album and the chorus has this crowd chant aspect to it, I really hope to catch this in their live set. The title track and album ender, Wear Your Sins is the biggest and open sounding tracks and you can understand why it’s been placed at the end. A consistent mid-tempo flowing melody that waltzes the listener to the end of the album. 

Wear Your Sins builds on everything Orpheus Omega has recorded in the past. This albums mixing is masterfully done with its use of panning to distinguish between the separate guitar riffs and having the keys being more centred so you can clearly hear the blend of all melodies being played. The choice in guitar and keytar tones has changed to a heavier sound, with less of a higher pitch with the key tones and more use of a lower end synth to accompany the riffs instead of having it right out the front of the mix. The amount of focus and practice that has gone into bringing their musical ideas to life is astonishing and it helps to have a member that knows his way around producing music, this can only improve with each endeavour.

This is an album to show the world that Australia can hold its own when it comes to heavy music. We need more bands to be recognised on an international level and I hope that this brings Orpheus to the next level of their career, because it should! Make sure to go and catch them on their upcoming tour in April.

Wear Your Sins is out March 29 on EVP Recordings – pre-order at https://evp-recordings.lnk.to/WearYourSins

Driven By Conflict and Sin tour with Omnium Gatherum (Finland):

April 10 – Canberra | The Basement
April 12 – Sydney | Crowbar
April 13 – Brisbane | Crowbar
April 15 – Wellington | Valhalla *
April 16 – Auckland | Whammy Bar *
April 17 – Adelaide | Enigma Bar
April 18 – Ballarat | Karova Lounge
April 19 – Geelong | The Barwon Club
April 20 – Melbourne | Corner Hotel
April 26 – Hobart | The Brisbane Hotel **
April 27 – Launceston | Mode Bar **

* Orpheus Omega not appearing
** Omnium Gatherum not appearing