[LIVE REVIEW] George Ezra @ Margret Court Arena, Melbourne 02/02/2019

There was no way to get lost on the way to the show tonight; all you had to do was follow the excited crowd towards Margret Court Arena. There was a buzz in the air as people, myself included, started walking around trying to find the right door to go through, and funnily enough, join the crowds of sitting people in the middle of the General Admission area. As The stage got set up for the supporting act for the night, I tried finding somewhere with a good view for the night; but it wasn’t long before everyone started to stand up and rush up to the barricades’ as it was time for the supporting act, Eves Karydas, to come out.

Eves came out on stage and within seconds was already starting her first song, swaying around and getting comfortable on the stage. After two songs Eves said hi to her crowd and introduced herself and her two musicians on drums and the keyboard before announcing that she’ll be singing Wildest Ones, the closing track on her new album Summer Skins. The crowds, even if they weren’t there to see Eves, or didn’t even know who she was until she came onstage like myself seemed to really enjoy the music she was singing. She had a very chill way about her, very calm and confident, having a very clear and understandable voice, even the way she danced all over the stage carefree was the difference between a fun and boring experience.

Towards the middle of her set, she performed a cover of Kylie Minogue’s Can’t Get You Out of My Head, and personally, I think that that’s the song that everyone was most excited by. Everyone was singing and dancing around and having heaps of fun. The last song she performed for the night was Further Than Planes Fly, she explained to the crowd that she’d written this on the top deck of a bus in England after having a bad day at the studio. She was watching the planes flying overhead and she got a text from a guy she’d just met, all it said was ‘hi’, but it lit up her entire world.

It’s easy to say that all of her songs are extremely personal to her and all come from her experiences growing as a person and living. Once the song was over, she thanked the crowd one last time and walked off stage. The lights all turned on, exciting the crowd knowing that the next person onstage would be George Ezra. More and more people started filling up the stands and the floor in anticipation for the next set.

Within about forty minutes of waiting, the lights dimmed and La Traviata (composed by Giuseppe Verdi) filled the room and the long-awaited George Ezra skipped out onto the stage, followed by all his amazing musicians. All the members quickly found their instruments and started up straight away with Don’t Matter Now, instantly engaging his fans by encouraging them to clap and sing along with him. Soon after, the dreamy collection of English singer, songwriter and musician introduced himself and his lovely band and started off the night with the first story of many. He told the crowd that he was looking to write some new songs and decided that he didn’t just want to sit in a hotel and do it. ‘I just thought why are you staying at a hotel George when you can meet a complete stranger over the internet and stay in their spare room? It wasn’t until I was in the plane landing that I thought why the fuck have you done this George?’ And the next few songs were some that he had written while on this trip.

This ever-growing musician had all of his fans singing their lungs out the entire night, cheering, dancing and having a great time. Ezra had almost all the seats filled and the general admission standing area was all shoulder to shoulder but that didn’t stop anyone from enjoying their night and enjoying the music he was pumping out.

Later in the in the night he said that the next song would be Paradise, and he told another story to go with the song. He said that he was sick once during a tour and he was laying in his bed on the tour bus feeling sorry for himself, and this idea kept going through this head for a song so he recorded it on his phone and then forgot all about it. About 7 or 8 months go by and he finds it in his phone and makes Paradise. Such a beautiful song resulted in almost the entire arena holding up their phones with the torches up, lighting up the entire world for a song.

Towards the ending of the night, he performed the most desired songs by the crowd, Budapest, and Shotgun, resulting in the loudest singing by all the fans that it was almost impossible to hear George singing at all. Truthfully, these two last songs were the only ones that I knew going into this show tonight, but it was truly a great performance and show, and the music was fantastic. It’s easy to see that this is the best thing in his life and loves making, producing and performing music for his adoring fans.

Review Contributed by Miranda

Gallery By Matt Allan