[ALBUM REVIEW] She Cries Wolf – Liar

Liar Tracklist:

Love Trader
October ’16
Victim Complex
After Death
Genesis Flood
Maternally Malignant 
Moments (After Death Pt.II) 

 Reviewed by Mitch Charlton

She Cries Wolf, hardcore from the north, have just released their third studio album Liars out of nowhere and it’s not often that a band manage to get away with this sort of feat. Thanks to our wonderful age of the internet, you can’t walk down the street without someone hashtagging or checking in someone where let alone go through the album writing and releasing process. That is some serious trust and determination in the pack, congratulations gentleman.

Liar is a hardcore album with depth, both musically and lyrically. With a classic punk aesthetic but throwing in a modern mix. There is plenty of energy, harshness, and grittiness to riffs yet they all come through crystal clear, these guys have a lot of energy to burn and I can only imagine what this album is going to bring to their stage performance. The use of panning the guitars gives the music further dimension, what you’re listening to doesn’t sound closed in, the tracks have breathing room and it sucks you in with each breath. 

I tried to live as an honest man, but everyone fucking loves a liar” This is a strong opening statement for a record and it straight away sets the tone for the tracks to come. It sounds like singer, Luke Harriss is about to lay his heart on the table for the world to see still beating. I can only imagine there is pain in the story behind each of these songs and I’m hoping it was cathartic for the band to get this out of their systems and into the ears of the listeners. The opening line above coming out in a mantra-like phrasing in a tack titled Perjury, someone has hurt these guys or someone they care about and they are calling them out.

The arrangements have some little eccentricities in them with the likes of the drum line at the start of Victim Complex, it’s unreal, it’s different and it fits perfectly into the rhythm of the song before the riffs kick off and you start headbanging. Their use of dissonant and darker chords creates the atmosphere that the lyrics are calling for and pulls you down into the abyss. While featuring these types of embellishments in the music, there is a wealth of mosh-worthy guitar riffs and stomping drums riddled throughout this album in October ’16 and Maternally Malignant. The opening riff to Pine has a Gojira vibe to it with the use of a steady chugg riff and throwing in that weird pick harmonic/scrape across the strings sound, it’s hard not to get in it.

The sly release of the single Magdalene a couple of days beforehand was the smart choice for the album, this track stands out from the rest due to Ahren Stringer, from fellow Queenslanders The Amity Affliction jumping in for vocals. Ahrens cleaner vocals give the song an extra dynamic and when combined with Luke’s hard scream, it makes for a fierce fusion. Being the first actual song on the album it is a great introduction to what you can expect from the songs to come, I think it would also make a great set opener.

Liar is deep, dark and vicious, a perfect combination for any heavy music fan to sink their teeth into. Heavy and dark music will never stop being created as long as there are people like this willing to wear their hearts on their sleeves and to show the world that there are positives that come out of darker times. I can’t wait to see how this album works out for She Cries Wolf and what it brings them in their careers.