[ALBUM REVIEW] Die In A Dream – Self Titled

Die In A Dream Tracklist:

Dawn State
Faceless Nameless 
Broken Pillars
Ten Thousand Sands
Carry Through
Burnt To Ashen 
Weighted Crowns

Reviewed by Mitch Charlton

As the saying goes “Good things come to those who wait” but it also comes to those who put in the effort to create magic and make their dreams come true. Die in a Dream have been hard at work to get this album out and heard by anyone who will take a listen. With members from all over Victoria and their own musical projects besides DIAD, this album has taken over 2 years from start to finish. It has been a long and hard process but they have definitely established something to be proud of now it is out.

These richly coloured, ambient and captivating tunes will take you on a different journey with each individual track being as diverse and dynamic as the last. These songs have been well crafted, you can hear the precision and thought behind each note being played and placed in the song. Everything is there for a purpose and with each listen you hear a little more.

Tim Grey, the voice of the operation, has a passion in his voice that you can’t deny. With a wide range of emotions that you can hear in each syllable he sings or screams, will have you mesmerised and relistening so you can sing along.

The building of the guitars for this album must have been both fun and frustrating. This album is full of polar opposites, with riffs of crunching head banging like at the start of Colours or the subtle strings of Ten Thousand Sands. These riffs are launched from a prog based platform that twist and turn into something darker as the energy intensifies and yet will come back down and give you plenty of breathing room when the subtler emotions start to show face.

Aaron on the drums is one hard hitter. Having seen him play live over the years in different bands, he always has a snare sound that just cuts through the room. It is great to hear that on the album.

This album is well balanced in its mixing. Everything can be heard as clear as day, making it easy if you were listening to a particular sound or instrument (or trying to write a review). Which I can’t imagine was an easy feat since this is such a dynamic album with a lot of little guitar sounds and cymbal strikes that were needing to be caught to give it the proper depth that Die in a Dream were going for. It has a very modern sound and should be able to work its way into the mainstream given the chance. I can see fans of Dead Letter Circus or Circles getting into these songs.

Stand out tracks off this album were Colours, Weighted Crowns, Sun/Moon and Broken Pillars. Two of these can be found on YouTube, the band made a film clip for Colours and they released Broken Pillars as an album teaser a while ago.

I was lucky enough to catch these guys at the Blaze Festival in Ballarat before hearing the entire album. If you are able to check them out live, do so, you will not regret it. They have their Bendigo Album launch Feb 23rd, so any readers that are in the Victoria area should try and make their way there for a good night!