[ALBUM REVIEW] Battle Beast – No More Hollywood Endings

No More Hollywood Endings Tracklist:

1. Unbroken
2. No More Hollywood Endings
3. Eden
4. Unfairy Tales
5. Endless Summer
6. The Hero
7. Piece Of Me
8. I Wish
9. Raise Your Fists
10. The Golden Horde
11. World On Fire
Bonus Tracks:
12. Bent And Broken
13. My Last Dream

Reviewed by Casper

Welcome to the new age of Battle Beast and be prepared for a journey of amazement and wonder as the new, 5th album No More Hollywood Endings come bursting onto the scene.

The amazing cover art by Jan Yrlund who also provided the apt and impressive imagery for Bringer Of Pain, again sets the scene to perfection.  Just as in the image, the music of Battle Beast bursts forth from the horizon in a dramatic genesis of fresh appeal and diversity.  Similarly, the album title suits what lies within to poetic perfection.  For me, this will not be a typical Hollywood ending and you will never guess where this collection will take you.  Just like real life, this album has more twists and surprises that a Shyamalan and going by the voice at the end of The Golden Horde, you MIGHT just see dead people.  

Unbroken will take many by surprise as the opener in its swirling blending of popular styles with a smattering of peripheral metal elements to bridge our aural instruments from the historic to the contemporary.  Even if you don’t initially like the track with its hard-hitting overtones of ‘here’s what we are doing now’, you can’t help but love the power and raw appeal of the song, right down to its retroelements. The monumentally uplifting nature of the track and technical excellence are impossible to resist and the orchestral elements are in fact a genuine string section recorded for the occasion.

The title track has been out among the masses enjoying favour with fans old and new.  The first-rate video clip, an opening mix of movie score sounds blended for extra appeal soon bursts into a riff ridden beat that will have you hungry for more, but the ‘thumbs up’ on Youtube tell the tale sufficiently there.  What is still a mystery to most is the superbly sequenced mix of styles that follow and until one hears it for oneself, true appreciation will not be achieved.  The pianists beautiful prompting of Eden to the fore, the heavy guitar and heavier breathing into of Unfairy Tales ushering in this awesome, catchy track with more hooks than a pirate convention and then the arrival of Endless Summer.  Endless Summer? All the appeal that the 80’s rock and glam metal scene cast upon the world of music forever more comes rushing to the fore.  Brilliant.    

The album was produced and mixed by keyboardist Janne Björkroth who, being directly at the beating heart of the beast, has harnessed the group’s vision and was obviously best placed to achieve all they desired.  Or so I thought, however in a recent chat with Eero Sipilä I discover that the brilliant blending of genres could not be more organic and a matter of natural progression for the group.

The tracks progress in such dynamic fashion that you are left poised ready for further elements of delight and surprise that you can scarcely believe have kept you so thoroughly captivated.  This is a unique Battle Beast album that is chock full of individual hits that will be screamed from stadiums the world over, but played in sequence is nothing short of utterly breathtaking. 

My very favourite from a long pondered list of eleven worthy contenders must be the magnificent and penultimate The Golden Horde that seems to carry all that I always loved about Battle Beast.  Furious riffage, thrashing double kick and vocal majesty all arriving at the comical, presumed final utterance of an ill-fated protagonist.  This track is worth the price of the album alone and the production work will shine on vinyl.

This is nothing quite like you have heard from Battle Beast before and it’s thoroughly tremendous from beginning to end.  Don’t think you are purchasing a heavy metal album and presume not that this collection is without heavy metal.  This superb collection bust barriers and refuses to be slotted into a single style, lest that genre is WHAMMO MASSIVE WIDE RANGING HUGELY APPEALING AWSEOME THRASHING BAG OF FUN.  Or something like that.  This album will thrill all over the world and people everywhere will beg to hear these tracks live.  Bravura Battle Beast.  Utterly brilliant.