[ALBUM REVIEW] MASSIVE – Rebuild Destroy

Rebuild Destroy Tracklist:

Generation Riot
Long Time Coming
What You Gonna Do
Face In The Crowd
Over And Out
The Wrecking Crew
Getting Heavy
A Mile In My Shoes

Reviewed by Casper De Ro Ro 

February 1st Aussie rockers Massive will release their hard-hitting third studio album in Rebuild Destroy and this is not an album to explore wantonly or sans complete commitment.  From the very first note of opener Generation Riot this album grabs you by the scruff of the shirt and begins hurling hither and thither in ferociously fine, hard rocking form.  With a title like that you expect to be given a thorough aural pounding and Massive does not disappoint but also set the scene perfectly for what is to follow.

Second up Long Time Coming keeps the momentum and drive alive and is certain to be spat back at the band by crowds the world over as a fan favourite but by What You Gonna Do and its riff ridden, howling brilliance you release that you are already knee deep in an Aussie hard rock classic.  The distinct flavor of the first three offerings reveals that Massive have incorporated a sprinkling of diversity into their third collection but without straying from their signature delivery.  Bullet has you thinking that we are in for a moderately slower and more soulful track which is true to a degree, but one minute and 23 seconds into the tracks, the familiar screaming sensation that is Brad Marr and the testicle shattering magnificence (or breast bursting if you prefer) of Massive have even the slower tracks managing to kick the shit out of you in the most delightful way.

Anyone who has experienced the raw power of Massive live are sure to adore this collection as a representative taste of the awesome rocking power will be met with when next we manage to catch their show.  With a gargantuan tour of 52 dates announced including headline shows and festivals across 11 countries including appearances at Rockingham and Hard Rock Hell, we will all have our chance to see Massive with mighty new material, a new attitude and a fresh determination to rock yer socks off.  Play the already released Roses north of 9 on the volume and tell me you’re not bleeding goosebumps in anticipation of Massive playing live before your eyes.   

The Chris Isaak esque opening to Face In The Crowd again demonstrates that the group are willing to wade into the waters of style diversity and in masterful fashion, but see no particular need to alter tried and tested formula that has served so well for the band.  With that said, this album is representative of tremendous growth and sound development resulting in a well matured Massive sound.

The superior mixing provided by George Donohue in the UK required particular note because the resulting high polish of the individual tracks and how they present I thoroughly superb.   

Over And Out brings us blasting back into the heavy rock from the mid-album relax and the smattering of rockabilly stylings gives this track a very special appeal, again highlighting that Massive know exactly what makes mammoth rock music with more hooks than BCF. (a pun for the Aussies).

Pieces, The Wrecking Crew, the live audience atmosphere of Getting Heavy and the soulful serenade of A Mile In My Shoes complete this collection in a manner that leaves your head spinning in bewildered delight.  Massive has created a truly amazing work of musical magnificence in Rebuild Destroy that carries an atmosphere of musical heritage, timeless appeal and incredible, well-traveled, but subtle style diversity.

This album is a must for any rock n roll aficionado, anywhere in the world but carries the added bonus of being a collection of tracks by a band at the top of their game.  Being a fan of Massive, I had unreasonably high hopes for this album and am pleased to report that my lofty expectations were thoroughly exceeded and I was left utterly gobsmacked in musical delight.  Neck sore, head pounding and a maniacal grin from ear to ear. So what do I do?  Go straight back to track one and enjoy it all over again. This is Massive, bigger, better, louder and more ferocious than ever before.  Now add refined, developed and absolute unmissable.  Let’s just hope a vinyl edition is not too far away.  Bravara Massive.

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