[LIVE REVIEW] Fozzy @ Max Watts, Melbourne 09/11/2018

Swanston Street Melbourne, outside Max Watts House Of Music as early comers and VIP’s queue for the return of our favourite adopted sons it is vastly evident that Melbourne holds a unique fondness for Fozzy and the brilliant line up, one and all.  Half a block north, right there in Bourke Street, the noise of a vehicle crashing and screams of terror ring out as a vehicle bursts into flames.  A male exits the burning vehicle and in all too familiar cowardly act of terror on an unwitting public, one is left deceased and two injured before the rants of madness, and screams of horror are silenced by a single shot from one of the brave members of the Victoria Police.  Hero Police and members of the public, one armed only with a shopping trolley,  stepped right up into harm’s way in an attempt to stop the madness and without a shadow of a doubt, prevented further loss of life with their actions.  With a blade wielded aloft, stabbing repeatedly in an attempt to create as much harm as possible and no possibility of peaceful resolution, Police protected themselves and ultimately the public with one decisive action.  With thoughts of an exciting concert blurred by unfolding horror and smoke still rising into the air, sirens, emergency responders, helicopters hovering above and a scene of inherent madness secured, we learn that people are lost at the hands of cowardly terror attack yet again.  But we, along with the lads from Fozzy are left to think of the families left behind and offer somber reflection, but we will not be swayed from our resolve.  A little delayed to ensure safety and efficiency, all fans and our beloved band is unswayed by the terrible events.   Our VIP’s are ushered in by a beckoning Chris Jericho on the stage and comforted by the fact that no hatred driven attacks of cowardly madness are going to stop us in our tracks.   Fozzy pump out Judas and all words of reflection and encouragement from Chris provide a fitting feeling of special comradery between the select few and the band returning after a five-year absence from Aussie stages.   A meeting with the talented band members confirms that these genuine and magnificent people with be providing their very best for Chris Jericho’s Birthday Bash.  There was no doubt that we would be receiving their finest all along, but I take some comfort in deciding that the events outside, provided an additional resolve and a special performance was in store as a sign of defiance that these hate fuelled lunatics will never, ever stop us in our track and tonight our bond is one of brilliant music.

Peeking outside at a long line of eager early comers confirms that terrorists can go fuck themselves….we will not be stopped.  We are here for Fozzy and undaunted by the horror, Fozzy is here for us…lets party hearty and celebrate life.

With tremendous performances from both Torrential Thrill and the fantastic Dangerous Curves warming both the crowd and the room, ready for Fozzy, a huge cheer greets their return after five long years.

A recent string of shows, touring and fantastic floating party ships have Fozzy firing on all cylinders.  Slapping us silly with the title track from their most recent and thoroughly brilliant album, the crowd is assured an awesome night.

The new songs from Judas along with back-catalog fan favourites ring out in celebration of this phenomenally magnificent band and the mid-set crowd interaction prove that Melbourne is thrilled to see the return of Fozzy and the band are equally happy to be back.  After all, our fair city is the only place that always offers a hearty “Fozzy, Fozzy, Fozzy…Oi, Oi, Oi” and tonight some “…Happy Birthday dear Chris…” to top off the sense of family.

Every track a wild celebration, offerings of birthday Tim Tams and Kiss hats, penis cakes and even a glimpse of the One Man Army’s ample pecs in celebration, all led to a night of brilliant music and united celebration.   Each band member was more awesome and animated than I have ever seen before and their polished performance was driven in equal measure by raw and magnificent skill, the pinnacle of brilliance from practiced performance and a special bond of defiance to earlier events outside in the world.   But here in our world under one united roof, we celebrate all that’s Fozzy in Aussie and enjoy this magnificent group at the peak of their brilliant careers.  But that apex is only an illusion as the bands’ brilliant show reveals that they are on a journey which will offer more magnificence to come.  Their live show tonight demonstrates how a truly brilliant album like Judas can propel an already great band into unprecedented celebration and launch them to new heights of creative brilliance.  All spent from a sensational show, we are left to ponder what possibly can come next from a band who are truly poised ready to launch into the glory years.  One by one, people of the world are becoming acutely aware of how truly sensational Fozzy really are and for now we are blessed to enjoy their presence in such intimate and close quarters.  Who else could turn ABBA’s SOS into a hard rock favourite?

Tonight Fozzy remind us of why we love their music so much as were are drawn into the magic, distracted from the realities of the modern world and given a refuge of oneness in a musical celebration.  As we emerge back into that world, our hearts are filled with fresh determination at the hands of the great Fozzy, and their music a metal and hard rock path for our angst and outrage at those who would seek to keep us from Fozzy.  Thank you Chris, Rich, Randy, Frank, and Billy.  For so many reasons, this was such a special night and indicative of who you are, what you stand united with us for and precisely what you mean to us assembled, one and all.

Bravura Fozzy.

Fozzy is still yet to appear at Sydney tonight, then Adelaide and Brisbane. You can still get your tickets here

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Review Contributed by Casper