[LIVE REVIEW] Dimmu Borgir @ 170 Russell, Melbourne 16/10/2018

Just like most people here tonight and also going to the following nights sold out show, we have been waiting 6 years for this tour! Everyone who was there remembers the debacle of their Soundwave set in 2012, where the sound crew couldn’t set up the keyboards and synths in time for the show and then Dimmu Borgir played for 20 minutes. It was a shit storm. This tour has been a long time promise from the band and hot damn, did they deliver.

Earthrot from Perth are supporting the Norwegians on their Australian and New Zealand Tour and I think it’s a great fit. The 4-piece Black Thrash gives the line up a diversity in sound and stage presence. With a slow filling venue, they take to the stage, coming out to a prerecorded intro and getting straight to the point with blast beats and tremolo riffs. A huge amount of energy coming from the band, they put in the hard work and had the crowd headbanging and moshing by the end. At times I thought the mix didn’t do them the justice, the second guitar was often lost in the riffs while leadwork was being played but then their lead guitarists work was cutting through everything perfectly, whether he runs different gear, I’m not sure but these things count or are at least something to think about for different venues, sound systems and also mixers. The drummer was one of the main focuses of their performance, nearly every time there was a 4/4 rock beat being played, he was playing it standing up and revving up the crowd. Perfect for an opening act.

Tonight’s show is the first of two for Melbourne with the second being sold out. The room starts to fill up as it gets closer to the headliners start time and the anticipation is rising. The lights go down and smoke fills the stage, The Unveiling begins and the band march out to their respective spots. The atmosphere being created by their performance is incredible, the band wearing leather hoods, smoke machines working overtime and the lighting, it’s everything you could want in a Dimmu Borgir show. Shagrath slithers his way to the front from side stage, being one of the most captivating frontmen in the business, he holds the crowd’s attention for the entire show with his conductor like mannerisms.

The crowd’s energy explodes and the moshing begins and doesn’t falter until the closing song. The crowd screaming the lyrics back to Shagrath in maniacal fashion during The Chosen Legacy “IN SORTE DIABOLI” and “Share my Sacrifice” in The Serpentine Offering. Puratania incited chaos within the crowd as the opening drum beat was initiated. Screaming crowds in a whirlwind current to the misanthropic sounds of Dimmu Borgir, such a sight to behold.

The setlist was on the newer side of the fence, most likely leaving the older fans wanting but the majority of the songs come from In Sorte Diaboli onwards with the exceptions of Puratania, Progenies of the Great Apocalypse and closing song Mourning Palace.

The only shortfall of the show would be that the bassist was doing backing vocals for but for some reason, it wasn’t coming through the mix and there was a stagehand trying to get it working through the set. As is said, that was the only shortfall for their set, the playing was tight and I couldn’t stop watching the keyboardist. There were about 3 or 4 keyboards up there with him and watching him switch between them and not missing a note was amazing. Progenies and Mourning Palace were the standout songs for his performance.

On the closing notes of Mourning Palace, I couldn’t help but feel greedy and wanting more from them but it hit the Dimmu Borgir spot for now. Everything that their Soundwave show 6 years ago should have been and more. A full performance and stage show dedicated to them is what we were wanting back then and they finally delivered on their promise.

Review Contributed by Mitch Charlton

Gallery by Jose Sanchez