[ALBUM REVIEW] Temtris – Rapture

Rapture Tracklist:

Flames of Defiance
Wings of Death
Carry You
Rise of Dawn

Reviewed by Mitch Charlton 

Rapture, the 5th studio endeavor from Sydney heavy metallers Temtris, is a heavy, catchy headbangers album, if that doesn’t interest you slightly, stop reading and reevaluate what you enjoy and take from a song, this album has more hooks than Uncle Jed’s tackle box. They bring a mix of old-school traditional, thrash and power metal to the east coast and are about to release it for the rest of the world to embrace.

These guys work hard on and off the stage. Before the release of the album the band were releasing footage of recording guitar riff demos, vocals, and general updates through social media and it’s great to finally hear the finished product, as I’m sure they are excited to hit the road and show it off.

Rapture starts off with the title track, an instrumental that creates the atmosphere worthy of that unreal front cover of the album. Temtris are about to set things on fire, no pun intended because the next track is titled Flames of Defiance which kicks things up a notch and brings in Fox and Hoff with their crunching guitars that will get heads banging on the first time listening. Genevieve then gives the song wings with her soaring vocals and does she fly high. “Fight till the end, your final stand” I can’t wait to hear/see this live. This album is going to bring some great crowd involvement to their setlist.

This album, start to finish has so many points to bring into a live set, it’s going to be hard not to add everything in. After a couple of listens, you will be singing along with Gen and becoming part of the Wolfpack. The track Run is the single off this album, another big song with a huge chorus, and even catchier guitar riffs that make it the perfect choice to promote off this album. From the get-go, I was headbanging and singing along. Make sure to go and check out the clip that was released with the single.

Temtris are going heavier and darker with tracks like Wings of Death, Parasite, and Serpent. Someone has pissed them off and they are making it known through the means of heavy metal. The riffs are crunching along tightly with the double kicks that cut through the mix perfectly, I’m a sucker for a syncopated riff like in Carry You and Wings of Death, and that just makes it all the easier to get into and headbang, well played Temtris, well played.

The production of this album is the best of both worlds, you have the old school traditional heavy metal songwriting and playing styles but with a modern edge and sound. You can hear everything clearly but at times I think the bass could have been brought forward in the mix just a tad, the bass intro/interlude to Breathe was the clearest I could hear the playing. Besides that minor detail, you can hear absolutely everything crystal clear, with the guitar solos which are played amazingly, each strike of the drum skins and of course every vibrato and note that Genevieve hits with those vocals.

Temtris have just started touring around Australia with the release of this album and it is due to be unleashed on the rest of the world in the weeks to come. I can’t wait to see what happens next from this band, in the short time I’ve known of them, they have just gone on the up and up. New music brings in new touring places and new fans. Temtris, flying the flag for Australian Metal, strong and true.

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