[LIVE REVIEW] Moose Blood @ Amplifier Bar, Perth 31/08/2018

Moose Blood is thought of as UK emo band royalty in the eyes of magazines like Kerrang! and Rock sound. On their Australian tour this time they brought the HUNDREDTH (USA) along for the ride too, not to mention some brilliant local supports as well! First stop was Perth’s Amplifier bar which is situated in the heart of the city on the 31st of August 2018.

Perth’s very own alt-rockers, Fadeaway opened the show with more than enough energy to not only fill the room but spill out into the courtyard. The many attendees that missed the first act surely did miss out as the five-piece brought their absolute all to the set, however the few that came along to see the support bands were all rocking out to the bands slick charisma and head-bopping energy.

Next up was Cellophane, another of Perth’s finest. They were one of the softer bands of the night (genre-wise) but still packed a punch. With more and more people pouring into the venue there was a proper audience building up and Cellophane didn’t disappoint with their exceptional vocals and paper-thin instrumental precision.

USA hailing band, HUNDREDTH, were last of the support acts, a first listening for the majority of the audience that now filled the room and spilled out into the courtyard. Towards the end of playing a pre-recorded, spoken word/slow (low) feedback styled intro through the speakers HUNDREDTH joined in and transitioned to playing their first song. Cranking the energy in the room, the band jumped about on stage and got everyone in the audience to do the same. The four-piece band was a spectacle to watch as they governed the small corner stage like they were playing at a huge festival, making the small room feel like we were in a Warped Tour mosh!

The venues classic par-can lighting and gig poster covered walls gives Amplifier a classic underground venue style feel, like the old venues you think the Sex Pistols or Green Day would have started playing shows in. Amplifier Bar’s aesthetics make the intimate show feel like it was a gift wrapped up in a band poster and tied with a vintage multi-colored bow.

Sound wise, wherever you’re standing you can hear all the elements in the band’s music clearly. In comparison to other live venues in our city, it has some of the best acoustics and sound engineers around. I’ve never been to a show there and not been able to hear a part of the band properly.

Finally, it was time for UK headliner, Moose Blood to play. They took to the stage exactly on time, commencing their set at 10.50pm and playing for an hour. Immediately the crowd went absolutely bonkers for the Brits as they started their first song. A mosh pit started during one of the songs and crowd surfers were inevitable with the audience all singing along to the bands hits like Gum, Knuckles, and Cherry!

It was evident that Moose Blood had some super fans in Perth and that they can definitely put on a show that you’ll remember, the venue was instantaneously transformed into a complete party environment as soon as Moose Blood came on stage. Frontman, Eddy Brewerton putting so much of his heart into every lyric he sang and every single word was on key, no need for auto-tuning with this man! The whole band had such great chemistry on stage and each member brought something special to the performance.

During Cherry, I spotted a fan tearing up while watching the performance, the emotional song brought back memories for many people in the room. It reminded me of all the times that I’d seen favourite bands on stage at concerts and the few seconds of pure disbelief you feel when you see them for the first time like they’re actually here…they traveled all the way to our little, isolated city so we could see them play?

Moose Blood certainly knows how to pull on the heartstrings of the crowd as they played It’s Too Much, everyone singing the lyrics and bobbing along to its steady beat, the singular guitar and vocals truly showing off the bands talents as they sounded just like their studio recordings.

Moose Blood is most certainly a band to watch if they ever come to your city. They put on an incredible show and easily have the performance skills to take their career to global domination status. This band has already achieved so much and is definitely going to get even bigger, you don’t want to miss seeing them at an intimate show like we enjoyed last night at Amplifier Bar before they explode in the charts and will only be able to be seen at Arenas!

Review Contributed by Nicola Arnold

Gallery Contributed By Isabelle Haubrich