[LIVE REVIEW] Tech N9ne @ Metro Theatre 13/09/2018

A healthy crowd fills the side street to the Metro Theatre well before doors open, proudly representing an array of Strange Music (Tech’s record label) attire. Ranging from jewelry, t-shirts, bandanas, and hats all sporting the famous snake and bat logo. Tech N9ne’s fanbase are fiercely loyal, and he gives it straight back. Known as the king of underground rap, Tech and his right-hand man Krizz Kaliko return to Australia to prove once again that the title is rightfully his.

Supported tonight by Western Sydney local, now residing in Byron Bay Viking N3 and masked DJ Bad Math give the crowd a chance to practice their Technician AWOO’s before the headliner arrives. Viking’s set was full of stage dives, shoey’s and even a guest appearance proving he is extremely comfortable and confident on stage. He proceeds to explain how big of a moment this is for him to support a hero of his, that from the moment he heard Tech’s music he said he wanted to work with him, fast forward to now and he is on a national tour with the man himself. Viking’s speech about going from Western Sydney to tonight’s stage, gives aspiring musicians in the crowd motivation to roars of support.

Anyone that goes to concerts understand the importance of the music on the speakers before the main act comes on. It can play an invaluable part in creating even more atmosphere, singalongs and energy with the right soundtrack. Tonight’s playlist included some big Tech hits, which seems strange to be playing the act we are about to see. One song in particular Everybody Move gets the anticipating crowd dancing and singing, and for a few of us it’s bittersweet because we figure it translates to the fact he won’t be playing it tonight! The crowd band together to sing an acapella version of his famous hit he hasn’t been playing lately, Areola.

The lights go down and the Strange Music back drop is illuminated while an unreleased 2014 track We Strange fills the venue. Tech waste no time in running out onto the stage jumping straight into Am I A Psycho? Which is immediately backed up by Stamina which is a relentless 15 second barrage on the sense with lyrics being thrown out like gun fire. Incredible!
As a metal head when anyone demands a mosh pit, our ears perk up to attention. As Tech does just this the crowd seems to be confused as to what he has just asked, although once Riot Maker is bellowed from the man himself, the mosh pit explodes! I’ve seen heavy metal crowds give less.

His energy is reciprocated back and forth from the crowd accompanied by roars of excitement with each song introduced. Although Krizz Kaliko began his time with Tech as his hype man, he is now as much of the show as Tech is. His larger than life personality shines through his beautiful singing voice while still showing he can still rap just as hard! Tech and Krizz work together like two best friends in their lounge room having a sing and dance. Their intentional (and sometimes unintentional) choreography keeps smiles on everyone’s faces and the duo power through some of the biggest hits in Tech’s catalogue including URALYA, EBAH, Einstein and singalong Dysfunctional.

Tech is undeniably one of the hardest working artists in the business, with his latest release Planet being his twentieth studio album! He is an artist that believes in evolving with the industry while keeping a stronghold to his underground roots. Newer songs such as Fresh Out! And Don’t Nobody Want None nestle within the classic tracks comfortably, keeping the crowd moving, with the chorus sung loud.

Krizz takes centre stage and thanks Tech for allowing him to do what they do together on stage every night before playing a few of his own tracks featuring Tech such as Anxiety and Spaz which are known by a large percentage of the crowd. As Tech returns to the stage he mentions that the next song was responsible for igniting the current Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly beef, he says that we do not start shit for no reason, gives big props to both artists before launching into another new track No Reason (The Mosh Pit Song) the floor jumps enough to shake the dance floor.

The energy in the venue this evening is incredible, and it only continues to build due to the sheer amount of hits we are getting. Worldwide Choppers and Speedom are huge highlights of the night, both being very well known songs and proves once again that Tech N9ne is a master of his craft. Kaliko and N9ne spend the rest of the show being each other’s hype guy despite whose name is at the top of the bill. This is a true partnership. Even down to teasing the track Areola time and time again.

The evening is rounded out with absolute bangers Erbody but Me and Hood Go Crazy, which made Sydney go crazy! The stage is a magnet as Tech struggles to leave with more crowd hi fives and out pouring of ‘I love you!’ fill the venue until the moment the house lights come on.

Tech was in supreme form tonight and with Kaliko in tow they were an unstoppable force tonight. A great sign of an amazing show is when the merch line is a monster.

Tonight’s performance shows what pure dedication and passion to your art can do and proves yet again why Tech is at the top of the food chain.

Review Contributed by Megan Milner

Gallery by Carleigh Ingram