[LIVE REVIEW] Satyricon @ Max Watts, Melbourne 06/09/2018

With Satyricon announcing that their latest American Tour would be their last and that they would shortly after be coming down to Australia, rumors were flying around saying that it would be their last time here as well. Then the announcement of postponing the show from April till September didn’t help the doubts either, I mean, Australia is already limited in what international bands come here. We have only just got Download for a second year and most bands that come to Australia only now do an East Coast Tour to a lot of Aussie dismay. It costs bands a lot of money and time to come down to Australia and I know we try our hardest to support those bands that come out because we don’t want to lose a good thing.

Satyricon is one of my all-time favourite bands, so this won’t be a review of someone trying to convince you to go and see this band, this is someone telling you to go and see this band and if you miss out, you will regret it.

Deadspace from Perth is opening up tonight’s show with their blend of Atmospheric soundscapes and Stomping riffs. They have a very diverse sound and I would recommend these guys for fans of MGLA from Poland or Harakiri for the Sky from Austria. Starting off rough with an issue from the kick drum mic but once that had been fixed Deadspace was firing on all cylinders. It’s not often you see bands donning the corpse paint these days but these guys can pull it off, all band members in black band t-shirts or patch vests and the corpse paint made for a great effect. The frontman played his part well with keeping the crowd entertained whilst jumping down on to the bar and getting the everyone riled up, ready for Satyricon to come on.

The lights darken and the album cover for Satyricon’s latest opus, Deep Calleth Upon Deep brightens the backdrop. Frost walks out first and the crowd goes wild, straight to the drum kit, the rest of the band walk out and take their place on stage to open with Midnight Serpent and then the frontman takes the stage. Satyr, such a commanding presence and one of the best frontmen in the game, He holds the crowd’s attention as soon as he steps up until the closing of the show.

Their sound tonight is impeccable, between the massive TAMA kit that Frost uses and the crunching guitars that supply the catchy riffs are to be heard clear as day. (For anyone that hasn’t read one of my live reviews before, I always try to get a spot right in front of the sound desk.) The openness of the tracks from Deep Calleth… is there for the void to follow and devour us all, the stomping riffs from the likes of Black Crow on a Tombstone and also Now Diabolical, as well as those blinding kicks underneath. All while this is going on Satyrs vocals are at the front of it all and he’s on fire, nothing but strength and confidence coming from him. He also jumps on guitar for a few songs throughout the set to change it up and still nails it.

Tonight’s set is mostly newer material except for Walk the Path of Sorrow and Mother North, consisting of songs from Volcano, Now Diabolical, Age of Nero, the self-titled and Deep Calleth… Their Black n’ Roll sound has the place moving from start to finish and I’m guessing there will be some sore necks and no voices tomorrow. Everyone is singing each chorus back to Satyr as he stands over the crowd embracing the chaos he has created in the venue. The encore tonight has one of my all-time favourite tracks, Fuel for Hatred, I have been waiting to hear that live for a long time and it did not disappoint.

Just before playing the closer for tonight K.I.N.G, Satyr announces to the crowd that although there have been rumors going around saying that this would be their last Australian Tour, IT IS NOT! This had to be the greatest news of the night and definitely ended on a high. The energy for K.I.N.G went through the roof. Satyricon will be back!

Review Contributed by Mitch Charlton

Gallery by Jose Sanchez