[LIVE REVIEW] Queens Of The Stone Age @ RAC Arena, Perth 12/09/2018

Queens of the Stone Age ended their Australian/NZ tour in Perth last night at the RAC Arena. The band had played eight shows prior, starting off at Auckland’s Spark Arena. QOTSA fans were expecting big things tonight and the suspense in the room was thickening by the minute as everyone eagerly awaited the show to start.

The Chats kicked off the show around 7:20 pm, jumping on stage with their classic, Aussie-‘bogan’ charm, strutting their street clothes and mullets whilst killing it on their guitars and drums. The bands’ lyrics are based off rather unconventional topics, such as their song Pub Feed which their lead singer simply introduced as “our next song is Pub Feed, it’s about havin’ a really good feed at the pub” or The Clap which he asked the audience “who here has Chlamydia? That’s what our next song is about, gettin’ the CLAP“.

As unconventional as the subject of their songs were, everyone in the audience were jamming out to their tunes.

Next up and last of the supports for the night was C.W.Stoneking, opening the set with The Zombie. This old-school bluesy act made everyone in the arena feel as though they were transported to New Orleans and were dancing along to an incredible blues pub band. C.W.Stoneking had an incredible voice and skill in playing his guitar, Stoneking was backed by two female singers and a four-piece band including a drummer, trumpet/saxophone, trombone, and double bass players. The whole arena was dancing along once the band was in full swing and Stoneking’s character made everyone smile.

Finally, it was time for the main attraction, Queens of the Stone Age! The stage was set with multiple lines of vertical light poles in-between the members onstage and both hanging and fixed standing LED’s lit up and were perfectly timed to the music. Opening with Someone’s In The Wolf and If I Had A Tail, they brought all the energy they had left to the show, making sure to not disappoint their Perth fans, even coaxing those who were in the stalls to jump the wall and come and join the mosh….something security weren’t too happy about as you can imagine. Lead singer, Josh Homme saying “NO security, let them jump! Do not take them out of the pit, they can stay…And why is that? Because rules fucking suck”.

The band was jumping all over the stage and knocking the light poles over (on purpose), they had the whole crowd jumping, the pit was practically a living, breathing human sea creating waves as they all jumped to the beat of QOTSA hit songs like No One Knows and The Way You Used To Do! In the stalls the party continued, seats didn’t stop fans from having a good time, people jumped up and were dancing, getting whole sides of the arena up and moving.

Homme used his mic stand at one point in the set to strum his guitar during one of the interludes, of which there were many. The band used these to not only create suspense and transition into the next song but to also to show off their instrumental talent. Playing some very precise and tricky pieces which would send the crowd into a craze! The Evil Has Landed, Smooth Sailing and Villains of Circumstance all sensational additions to the setlist.

Go With The Flow was a clear fan favorite, the punters loving every minute not wanting it to end.

As the end of the night drew near, Queens of the Stone Age had almost completely destroyed everything on the stage. Knocking over the light poles and some of the LED rigs not to mention throwing their guitars on the floor after closing the show with Song for the Dead, letting the chords ring out into an almost white noise as they stood back and did one last bow.

Queens of the Stone Age put on a brilliant show, one that you would be sorry to miss. They had so much charisma and character on stage winning over everyone, old and new fans delighting in their faultless performance. Their production showcases their incredible skill and high standard of showmanship. They had everyone in the arena up on their feet dancing to their songs and turned the arena’s blue walls into multi-colored works of art, the atmosphere went from the boring cold arena into a hot rock club. Definitely, don’t miss seeing Queens of the Stone Age next time they come to your city!

Review Contributed by Nicola Arnold

Gallery by Isabelle Haubrich