[ALBUM REVIEW] Coheed & Cambria – The Heavenly Creatures

The Heavenly Creatures Track Listing:
The Dark Sentencer
Unheavenly Creatures
Black Sunday
Queen Of The Dark
True Ugly
Love Protocol
The Pavilion (A Long Way Back
Night-Time Walkers
All On Fire
It Walks Among US
Old Flames
Lucky Stars

Reviewed by Casper De Ro-Ro 

The mastermind behind the Amory wars world propels long-suffering fans back to the intergalactic dreamscape around kicking off around the time of No World for Tomorrow perhaps for many this is an extension thereof.

The album’s  Prologue opens gently, beautifully, but then an air of foreboding introduces The Dark Sentencer and this will immediately captivate traditional fans and those new to the universe alike.  The might and prog power of this masterwork are immediately and powerfully commanding, eliciting all the awe and emotion worthy of a pantological journey and the beginnings of ‘their son…Vaxis’.

The constant chant behind The Dark Sentencer is surely representative of what will be celebrated by live audiences from this point forth but is also a timely reminder of the legions of fans who will celebrate what is arguably, the most impressive, powerful, engaging conceptual behemoth to date.  This introduces listeners to the concept that each and every band member has been engaged in the writing and development process, thereby investing every ounce of their skill and instrumental brilliance into the storyline, resulting in overwhelming emotions emanating from each instrument at every movement, in every note.

For those who have listened from the tracks relatively quiet release back in May, in all its might its merely track two and the album builds in intensity from there.

With Unheavenly Creatures released on June 28,  The Gutter released on August 16 and Old Flames let loose on September 27 fans will be celebrating in their masses, but the reality is that tracks like Toys still lurk in the albums track list ready to launch from speakers the world over and launch fans into states of ecstatic glee.  Six and a half minutes of utterly gobsmacking music.  Utterly amazing vocally, lyrically, musically and instrumentally.

The air of foreboding conveyed so brilliantly in Black Sunday propel you back into the storyline  and darken the landscape perfectly before we meet Queen of the Dark.

True Ugly is most aptly named with an initial musical backdrop of confusion as a blending of punk and prog metal swirl in a vortex of bewilderment and the hooky chorus brings us to a semblance of order. This track ebbs and flows brilliantly, from powerful poundings of instrumental artillery strikes to quit vocal whispers, this ‘fucking animal’ is utterly captivating as a journey in its own right.

As we enter the midpoint of Love Protocol (yes, fifteen mighty tracks all told) altering tempo, and with all its blending of 80’s pop appeal and 90’s punk suggestion, this magnificent work is almost polyrhythmic in style as one searches for the true roots and rhythmic base. Just brilliant in alternating style making the song a living, breathing entity.

The Pavilion (A Long Way Back) builds on the upbeat ‘hope’ of its predecessor and musically provides a distinct sense of encouragement and a direction of positivity, but then the magical Night Time Walkers…..

And that is where this review ends.  In the timeless words of Arthur C. Clarke, ‘ALL THESE WORLDS ARE YOURS…’

In uncharacteristic style, I leave the remainder of this masterpiece to the individual to explore, along with the individual characters respective journeys therein.  This utterly amazing journey is a musical masterwork at very least, but with storyline, lineage and imagination yours to align in the story, this magnificent creation will bring untold delight to fans and a new universe of possibility to explore for newcomers.

This attempt to aptly describe the music within an album is left shattered in a pool of dejected shards.  Any hope to constrain this monumental achievement to a collection of musical movements is ultimately futile and I can only hope that what words do leave a mouth still agape in bewildered awe and left dripping from these pages post tidal engulfment, suffice to wet your appetite and invite you into a universe.  A universe you must explore as the journey of Vaxis begins to unfold.

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