[LIVE REVIEW] Sheppard – Metropolis, Fremantle 24/08/2018

Perth saw the first night of Sheppard’s Watching the Sky Tour at Metropolis Fremantle on the 24th of August 2018. Fans were treated to two support acts, Gold Coast singer-songwriter Jacob Lee and Fremantle band, Figurehead. Sheppard performed in our city as Justin Bieber’s support act at NIB Stadium last year and was fantastic then, so I had high expectations for tonight’s performance.

Jacob Lee started the night with nothing but his acoustic guitar, a loop pedal, and his voice. The stripped back performance allowed for Jacob to convey such emotion through his voice, something that I’ve found very few singers can truly pull off. If Ed Sheeran and Dean Lewis had a child, Jacob Lee would be it. Jacob Lee is certainly an act to watch.

Fremantle is home to alternative rock/pop band Figurehead, who many of the audience knew well, with the majority of the audience singing along to all their songs. Figurehead’s hit single, Blue Tongues got everyone swaying to the bands beat before they upped the tempo with songs like 106 which talks about one of the local bus routes that were discontinued. Many locals in the audience knew exactly what the baby-faced band was talking about when they burst out with lyrics like “Transperth you gone and fucked us all” ……”I waited hours it never came, if you wanted riots here you go, I’ll never catch the 9-1-0”.

Sheppard took to the stage and kicked off the show with their hit single Coming Home, instantly the crowd went wild with everyone jumping and singing along to the chart-topping banger of a song. From the first chorus, it was evident that we were in for a great show as the bands’ instrumental skills and George and Amy Sheppard’s lead vocals were absolutely perfect, I couldn’t possibly fault them in any way. The whole band had such a great stage presence and charisma, everyone in the venue had a smile on their face.

Sheppard had the perfect ratio of fast to slow songs and absolutely everyone would have felt the emotion in the room when they broke into

an almost stripped back performance of Live for You.

Everyone’s heart melted when George got Amy, Emma, and his grandmother to stand at the front of the stage as it was her 80th birthday & “we wanted to give you a special birthday gift so I think we should sing Happy Birthday!” said George thanking her for coming to the show, and everyone sang Grandma Sheppard Happy Birthday.

The band played through their latest Watching the Sky album and a few hit singles from their prior album Bombs Away including Let Me Down Easy and Geronimo which of course, every single person in the venue went mad for!

The lighting in the venue really accentuated Sheppard’s performance and tied in with the visuals that were set up on the LED screens both as the backdrop and in the foreground of the stage. Not to mention the sound in the venue seemed to have improved dramatically from the last time I was at Metropolis (All Time Low concert in May 2017) what that’s down to I’m not sure, but at least this time I could hear the vocalist’s voices from the front row.

Sheppard was brilliant to watch with so much energy radiating off of the stage, their professionalism and art is nothing but brilliant. They were so much fun and really knew how to interact with their audience. My high expectations not only met and went well above what I expected their performance to be. I’d certainly recommend Sheppard as an act to watch live, they never disappoint!

Review Contributed by Nicola Arnold

Gallery by Isabelle Haubrich