[LIVE REVIEW] Regurgitator – Tivoli Hotel, Brisbane 25/08/2018

Regurgitator returned to their home turf on Saturday night, starting to reach the end of their Life Support tour at the iconic venue, The Tivoli. The band recently dropped their latest album earlier this month, Headroxx no doubt giving good reason to come out and play. They were supported by Canberra-based all-female outfit Glitoris and local Brissie band, The Stress of Leisure and had been supported by the former for much of the tour.

The queue to get inside on a cool night grew quickly and round the block. Once the doors were opened, there was little house lighting on the dance floor and stage areas, only light being an orange haze across the stage. The bar areas were lit with the tungsten glow that accompanies so well with the décor. Background music was often drowned out by the crowd ambiance and the clinking of glasses. There was a merch table towards the box office, displaying merch not only for ‘The Gurge’ but also from Glitoris and The Stress of Leisure. As time wore on, it was evident this was going to a busy night.

As 8 pm rolled around Glitoris took the stage in gold shimmery stretch jumpsuits and some members even sporting war paint on their faces. These chicks personified a no holds bar attitude smashing out tracks like Trump Card (you guessed it, a song about building a wall) and Sex Video. There was a nod to this past week’s #libspill, being from Canberra, proclaiming that they had nothing to do with it. They also dedicated Warriors to those women who had graced the stage of the Tivoli before them.  Continued on later with Off with Your Head and falling to the stage floor encouraging the audience ala Tinkerbell to resurrect them back up, to play Dip My Wick. It was then back to political issues with Spit Hood, about the mistreatment of Aboriginals by those in law enforcement who abuse their power. This was clearly a passionate topic for the band. They thanked Regurgitator for the tour as this was their last stop and closed out with the banger, Slut Power.

There was an intermission returning the Tivoli to the state of orange lit haze and queuing at the bars. The stage setups being changed over and sound checks for the next support act, locals The Stress of Leisure. The four-piece band took to the stage, in a uniform of striped shirts and orange scarves. They were an equally energetic performance but with a different more quirky sound including synths. They played through the numbers with very little pausing. They did, however, take the time to comment on the #libspill, parodying that the band had a party meeting and saying to the audience, that it was nothing to do with you. They broke into I Want the Internet, and then dedicated their

next song to the tour’s sound guy, Greg. They also asked the audience to not judge Greg and ‘The Gurge’ who had requested the song, Sex Time. They played on into Aim High/Get High, the crowd singing along. They closed out their set with what they claimed was “trigger warning, this song’s about sedatives”, Pulled Pork. No goodbyes, they walked straight off stage to blue lights shining on. The red curtain eventually went down on stage, building up for the main act. During the intermission, members of Glitoris and The Stress of Leisure mixed in with the crowds and watched on as ‘The Gurge’ took on the Tivoli.

The crowds were built up on both levels and the dancefloor, all standing room only, when the background music dropped out to silence and the crowd ambiance. The curtains lifted away, as Regurgitator walked out onto the stage with huge masks designed after the Headroxx album cover, which also adorned the back wall of the stage. Grabbing the guitars and drumsticks, whilst carefully pulling their guitar straps over the masked heads, they opened with the track Headroxx (intro). The backdrop colour changed throughout with neon colours. After they finished the number, they bowed and the curtains dropped.

The curtains reopened again soon after revealing ‘The Gurge’ unmasked joking about how the masked characters had come from outer space to play. They broke into I Sucked A Lot of Cock and I Wanna Be A Nudist much to the thrill of the audience, who sang along bouncing across the floor. Then returning to the latest album, performed I Get The Internet in dedication to The Stress of Leisure. The guitarists Quan Yeomans and Ben Ely swapped guitars with each other throughout the show, reminding you just how versatile this band is both musically and technically. Their fingers flew across their guitars so maniacally but yet so damn precise it’s hard to keep up. Drummer Peter Kostic delivering them beats fast and furiously.

They went back to their debut album playing Everyday Formula, then I Will Lick Your Asshole. The enthusiasm of the crowd for these tracks was immeasurable and hit the roof. The band played with such playful gusto, you couldn’t tell this was a tour nearing its end. They switched back to their new album with Party Looks, which has got the true makings of a party anthem. Then had a nostalgia trip with Fat Cop, inspired by a cop eating donuts in Queen Street Mall. ‘The Gurge’ couldn’t let the #libspill slide either, commenting it’s been a “fucked up week” leading into Don’t Stress from their new album.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Regurgitator gig without a track that they called “super heavy” Polyester Girl, the whole venue roaring out the lyrics. Continuing to mix it up between previous albums and new as they had throughout, with My Friend Robot and Light Me On Fire. Then literally back to the first song released off the Unit album, I Like Your Old Stuff.

They took a moment to thank everyone for supporting the band after all these years and for coming out tonight. They thanked their support acts Glitoris and The Stress of Leisure, before breaking out into Kong Foo Sing, crowd going berserk jumping around. As the set started coming to a close, No Point gave the audience a chance to catch their breath from a pretty breathless set before ‘The Gurge’ walked off stage. After the audience demanded more, Kostic returned and walked straight across stage trolling the audience. He immediately came back on with what can be described as a fun little elevator music like an interlude. Yeomans and Ely also returned to stage during the interlude and proceeded with a triple encore of Roxx For Brains, Black Bugs and ! (The Song Formerly Known As), bringing the gig to a righteous rocking ending with Glitoris joining in on the insanity dancing on stage.

Just for the record, I like both your old stuff and your new stuff, okay?

Review Contributed by Sarah Minazzo

Gallery by Tracie Tee