[BOOK REVIEW] Scott Ian – Access All Areas

“Access All Areas: Stories from a Hard Rock Life”
Author: Scott Ian
Da Capo
Hardcover: 243 pages

Review by Casper

Scott Ian is a man who crosses our paths regularly and from a variety of directions.  Sometimes a grunting, growling, grabbing, grasping member of the gore-ridden collective knows as the Walkers on the AMC’s original series The Walking Dead, other times a guitar-wielding wild man from the New York-based heavy metal band Anthrax, but more often than not, he’s that guy from the thing.  T.V. maybe?

Many know him well, but don’t know from where…or when.  But you know him.  So well in fact that it seems appropriate to walk right on up and touch his beard.  His beard?  Could we possibly be this familiar? Could we be this brave?  Even while imparting eulogy at the memorial of much loved, longtime rock ‘n’ roll god Lemmy Kilmister, Ian still strikes an air of foreboding.   Perhaps unwittingly, but he casts an image of being the one man with whom you should not fuck.  Yet many feel comfortable to touch the beard.  DON’T TOUCH THE BEARD.  Kerry King maybe, but not Scott.  Yes, already we frolic where angels fear to tread. Please read all appropriate referencing and words of fair warning.

This man of great respect for his fellow humans and faithful fans makes no bones about how he feels the famous should treat those who rose them aloft to the heights from where they reign.  And that is precisely how this forthright book of Stories From A Hard Rock Life reads from start to finish.  Honest and frank, with no holds barred and sans barrier between what might be uncouth or ill-fitting for polite company and that which could make the hardest of heavy hitters blush like a school girl.

What else could we expect from Scott when delighting us with tales from a life most can only presume to know, yet few dare to tread.  A line between what is appropriate and ill-advised?  It seems fitting to me that the latest live album from the Anthrax camp is Kings Among Scotland, because in this book Scott dances between the yin and yang of hard rock life like dancing the Reel of Tulloch.  Nothing left behind and one presumes nothing left on the cutting room floor.  Perhaps some details left out to protect the guilty.

From the demise of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion to the glittering stars of Moomba and the ensuing escapades, missing Tommy John’s and even the shit that the late, great Dimebag Darrell simply won’t stand for, this book is an absolute must for all who enjoy a great read.  Scott’s explanations of exciting exploits ooze appeal to all those who wish to peek behind the curtains of hard rock lifestyle or those who simply enjoy entertaining memoirs from a paddock that has looked far greener to us all at one time or another.   There are lessons aplenty and more than a few neon billboards ablaze with warnings for new players, but none so harsh as to have mothers forbidding their offspring a life on stage with hard partying after hours.  After all, the light-hearted appeal of this edition includes a delightful lack of context and timeline.  That was covered well in his last book I’m The Man.  Having had the opportunity to interview this man on several occasions, I liken this collection of stories to the man’s inherent appeal as a natural and entertaining storyteller.  I have giggled and guffawed on many occasion to his mid-interview off the cuff tales and am satisfied that this book provides delight in exactly the same way.  I have asked Scott to reminisce about Lemmy’s Daisy Dukes and to see such stories included in this book are particularly pleasing for me.  The appeal of this book is the reader’s closeness to the author and the protagonists presented.  This is a quiet sit down with Scott on a personal level.  Merely a chat between friends.  Reflections and reminiscing in no particular order, but will have you knee-slapping, high fiving and grinning in expectant glee for more and more.  This is a man who enjoys meeting people and connecting on a personal level.  So many have enjoyed and continue to enjoy his work from on stage, but we rarely have the opportunity to chat one on one.  This is your chance to sit down with the man and hear some stories from the dark side with a light-hearted appeal.  Personal, engaging and forthright recollections, all one on one with Scott Ian himself.  Author.  More. Don’t let it end.

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