Interview with Joe Hottinger (Halestorm)

With less than a week before HALESTORM unleash their new album VICIOUS onto the unsuspecting world. Casper had a great in-depth chat about the journey of VICIOUS with ax-man JOE HOTTINGER .

Out July 27 on Atlantic Records, Vicious will feature 12 brand-new tracks, including the freshly released “Do Not Disturb.”

An unapologetically provocative track, “Do Not Disturb” features heavy instrumentals in collaboration with unwavering vocals backed by confidence and power. Additionally, the new song features a glitchy video reminiscent of mid-2000s video game animation. You can watch the video for “Do Not Disturb” below.

The band previously released “Uncomfortable” and “Black Vultures,” both of which will appear on Vicious, their first full-length since 2015’s Into The Wild Life.

You can pre-order VICIOUS here

1. Black Vultures
2. Skulls
3. Uncomfortable
4. Buzz
5. Do Not Disturb
6. Conflicted
7. Killing Ourselves yo Live
8. Heart of Novocaine
9. Painkiller
10. White Dress
11. Vicious
12. The Silence