[SUPANOVA COMIC-CON] Interview with Peta-Marie Rixon

Peta-Marie is an actor most notably known for her role as Alpha 5, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. The feature film was produced by some of Hollywood’s leading producers like Jon Landau (Titantic and Avatar) and Suzanne Todd (the Austin Powers franchise and Alice in Wonderland). Sarah had a killer chat with her ahead of Supanova Sydney and Perth.

She also appeared in Hong Kong film How Deep Is Your Love working alongside Ken Wu (Tai Chi Zero Producer).

She appeared in Home and Away in 1997 and was a television presenter for Infobreak which aired on Good Morning Australia. This gave her skills to teach Television Presenting at TV Pro casting which was leading TV Presenting school located in Sydney.

She has appeared in over 30 TV Commercials and has worked in various arrears in the arts sector from Art Direction – she designed the set for Kasey Chambers Music Video Luca and has worked on photo shoots and competitions as both an Art Director and fashion stylist which have been published in magazines World Wide including over 10 covers and had 4 finalist nominations in 5 categories for the AIPP awards in Paris 2011.

Peta-Marie has been involved as an Australian Producer for charitable organizations including AHS (UK), H4O (AU) – which raised money for children with cancer. With shows Produced in London – Royal Albert Hall, Kremlin State Theatre , Seoul Korea as Australian Producer and in Sydney Australia – helping to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. She has also worked with Fashion Icons: Robert Lobetta, Xpression to name a few as a Producer for ssshhh the oz secret staged in Sydney 2015/16.