[LIVE REVIEW] Hardcore Superstar w/ Special Guests – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney 14/06/2018

The undisputed kings of street metal finally return to Australia after a ten year absence. While the leather clad crowd may not be excessive in size the smiles on the faces of each and every one are as big as the flight back to Sweden.

Local legends Dept. of Gloom and Kvlts of Vice break in the stage. Bad Moon Born burst on stage lead by Frank Lakoudis, his sound resembling that of a Chris Cornell-esque wail. They had the crowd bopping along to their big chorus rock tracks, although after three supports we are all very ready for who the headliner.

A pre-party playlist floods the speakers featuring Judas Priest, Skid Row and Alice Cooper which give the crowd a chance to warm up their vocal chords. With so much emphasis on a good time in their songs we all know we are in for one hell of a show, one that has been brewing for an entire decade.

Each moment the lights stay low the anticipation grows, before Kick On The Upperclass kicks us all up into frenzy. New single Electric Rider fits in perfectly with their high energy rock and roll, giving guitarist Vic Zino a chance to show us his incredible talent on the axe. The sheer energy these four bring on stage is unbelievable and does not waiver at all during the night.

Frontman Jocke is exactly what a front man should be, charismatic, never standing still and constantly connecting with his fans with a vocal range which is nothing short of incredible. He states that if you know Hardcore Superstar you know of their next song, Wild Boys, Jocke ends the track by jumping on drums, showing he is a man of many talents.

Their hospitable nature has drummer Adde dessert his kit during Last Call For Alcohol to hand out shots of Jager to the crowd, while Jocke brings fans up on stage to enjoy the shot with them. Their set continues it’s unrelenting barrage with a wonderful selection of tracks spanning their 20 year career, including a stripped down version of Someone Special with Vic and Jocke only on stage.

After giving the crowd a breather it’s time of the energy to be completely restored with their latest single Baboon. The smile on Martin’s (bass player) face stays put throughout the night, constantly leaning in to high five crowd members.

Rounding out the set we have crowd favourite We Don’t Celebrate Sundays being bellowed from the crowd almost drowning out the band. We were treated to one final track Above The Law, only once we all raised our middle fingers high to the air. During the high energy track the drum set was dismantled in front of our eyes giving Adde less and less to play on until the final cymbal was held for him to abuse. Before the kick drum was handed into the fans and carried like a crowd surfing fan to the back of the venue.

Tonight was a true testament to what Hardcore Superstar stand for. Having their crowd filter out of the venue exclaiming just how good the show was. Their energy was incomparable, and I sure hope it does not take another ten years for Hardcore Superstar to return to Australia.

Review Contributed by Megan Milner

Gallery by Carleigh Ingram