[ALBUM REVIEW] SheWolf – The Other Side


Just Pretend
On The Run
The Other Side
Want You Anyway
Love Train
Dont Need You Tonight
One Last Kiss
Wont Even Miss Me

Reviewed by Cassandra Hale

“She-wolf is a woman who becomes a reactionary predator, just like the animal itself. Women who have become she-wolves need to be understood and have compassion towards them, yet that does not mean they stop being dangerous”

Hell yes!! SheWolF are releasing their debut album The Other Side, and after the first spin, it was crystal clear that these feisty triplets mean business. The Other Side is a balls and all hard rock album minus the balls! Every song has instant appeal and leaves you wanting more, there isn’t an unlikeable track on the album, it flows perfectly and has the just the right amount of angst and anger to give that gritty rock sound.

The album opens with Just Pretend, and instant foot tapper with a great backbeat, lead singer Serena Vlahos absolutely kills the vocals with her siblings harmonising perfectly. On The Run has a catchy chorus that will have you jumping in your car and hitting the road, it’s a perfect driving tune with a killer guitar solo showcasing Cassandra’s shredding skills. The Other Side is a slower track opening with Serena’s faultless voice accompanied only by guitar for the first verse. Once Nikki comes in on the drums it heightens the song without taking away from the lovely sultry vocals, opening into a fabulous ballad with a rock feel which can be hard to achieve. They have put plenty of thought into the layout of the song and mastered it to perfection.

Want You Anyway, classic lyrics of the girl who wants the bad boy, another slower track but it still has a heaviness about it that keeps you invested. Nikki’s kit has a really deep sound that works perfectly for this song and once again the girls harmonise extremely well. Opening with a much faster tempo Love Train is a ripper of a rock track, and by the end, you will all be wanting to ‘join them on the love train’! It is one that will get stuck in your head and Nikki knocks it out of the park with her killer fills, showing she is a very accomplished musician.

Next up is my favourite off The Other Side, Chameleon, I love everything about it, it’s fast it’s catchy, it’s heavy, it rocky. It’s the full package and I think everyone can relate to the lyrics “You Changed Again, You Switched Your Skin, You’re The Chameleon, You Fooled Everyone” who hasn’t known a Chameleon or two in their lifetime, I know I have! With harmonies on fire again, Don’t Need You Tonight is another catchy song based around relationships and men who don’t really know what they want. Another very relatable song for many. Cassandra delivers some great guitar work throughout and it is a solid track with an almost anthem-like feel in the second half.

Relationships seem to form a large part of the lyrics over the course of the album, Circles is no exception to this rule. It follows the ups and downs of lovers which eventually leads to you “running in circles”, Serena is outstanding vocally, and this is another killer track that reaches out to many. People love relatable songs and this one hits the mark on every level.  One Last Kiss is the longest of the album, but it delivers for every second. I see hit written all over this one, more intense guitar work and heavy skin hitting make it gel together with cohesive vocals being the final piece to make this one a winner.

Closing out the album is Won’t Even Miss Me, it has a heaviness that grabs your attention immediately, its fast-paced tempo and blistering solos are the strongest on the albums, and is shows that sisters really are doing it for themselves. The only thing to do when you get to this point, it to go back to the start and play it again. The Other Side has a magnetic feel that makes you want to listen over and over. It is obvious that these three triplets are in sync and understand each other not just as sisters but as musicians. It is hard to believe they are a three-piece as they have such a huge sound but no matter their size they are winning trifecta from start to finish.



You can order from iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/the-other-side/1402578077