[ALBUM REVIEW] Panic! At The Disco – Pray For The Wicked


(Fuck A) Silver Lining
Say Amen (Saturday Night)
Hey Look Ma, I Made It
High Hopes
Roaring 20s
Dancing’s Not a Crime
One Of The Drunks
The Overpass
King Of The Clouds
Old Fashioned
Dying In LA

Reviewed by Dean Duffin

I have all ways liked Panic! At The Discos unique style, as well as Brandon Uries talent not only vocally but his instrument skills as well. So I am looking forward to this, review of the sixth studio album Pray For The Wicked by Panic! At The Disco which was released on June 22, 2018. Panic! At the Disco is a well-known band from Las Vegas, Nevada who formed in 2004, Brendon Urie has changed the bands’ direction since they first released their first debut album A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out in 2005 which was certified double platinum in the USA in 2006. This is the second Studio album to contain the line up of solely Brendon Urie. The first being Death Of A Bachelor released in 2016.

The first track of this album is called (Fuck A) Silver Lining. The intro is an interesting one, sounding like an old radio intro but then your hit with Brendon Uries vocals and a fast-paced track, that helps just flow with his voice, but it’s a very upbeat song with a clear message.

The second track Say Amen (Saturday night) This song reminds me why I like Brendon Urie, his vocals can make the most unique song sound impressive. This is a very powerful song, with a great beat, one you could have on repeat and hear again and again.

The third track Hey Look Ma, I Made It has a very good intro which has you hooked from the start, it’s a very catchy, fast-paced, song and it carry’s that throughout, combining the beats of the track and blending it very well to create a song that makes you feel like you’re on a stage telling the world Hey Look Ma, I Made It!

High Hopes: It’s clear in this track Brendon Urie is telling a story for this album, and It’s a story that leaves you wanting to hear more, a very catchy song, with a good powerful message, I think fans will enjoy this song, It’s very positive and has such a strong clear message.

Now we’re almost halfway through the album we have the fifth track, Roaring 20’s. This song is slightly different but still similar, the whole flow of the track follows from the start to finish, to make it feel and sound like you’re in a cabaret, with the music and dancing that comes with it.

The sixth track Dancing’s Not A Crime is just a very fun song. Again great vocals from Brendon. This song is one that would be an awesome and fun song to hear and dance to live with the crowd.

One Of The Drunks: Simply put, this song is the perfect bar or club song. I could visualize this playing in a club with the strobe light’s blaring in the background, soaking you into the atmosphere until you become One Of The Drunks. The end made me think people were arguing outside, which was great took me away from myself for a moment.

The Overpass: I love the jazz vibe at the start of this song. Then what follows is music that reminds me of chase scenes in films, along with a combination of lyrics that confirms the story told in this song. It feels very Romeo and Juliet with a modern uplift, This is a favorite song for me from this album.

And sadly were starting to get up to the end of what has been an amazing album so far, with Brendon bringing everything including the kitchen sink to the table.

King of the clouds starts immediately with Brendon’s amazing vocals, which set the tone for this song and just carry through the song. There’s no way to describe this song in words. It’s unique, it’s Interesting, its just something that needs to be heard, to really grasp. This is a song I think could have many different interpretations and meanings to different people.

Old Fashioned: As Brendon’s fashion you never know what to expect, this is a song that carries the album, as it’s not like the others but still work’s with an interesting beat at the start, When hearing this song I imagined I was sitting in a chair with a group of people that need help and Brendon sitting there telling everyone his story.

Now we’ve sadly arrived at the eleventh and last track, Dying In La, the Piano in this is absolutely amazing and really sets the tone straight away and really helps show how versatile Brendon Uries voice can be. This one carry’s a sad tone, but makes you feel like you’re looking up at the stars, dreaming of the future. It’s a great song and really powerful that fits being the end track of what has been an amazing album.

In conclusion, Pray For The Wicked, is an emotional rollercoaster of an album that you can not only tell but feel Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie pouring his heart and soul into each and every track, he really pulls you in each and every time from amazing instrument work, to amazing vocals, this is one album that would be amazing to hear live and listen to again and again for new and old fans all round.