[ALBUM REVIEW] Like A Storm – Catacombs


The Devil Inside
Out Of Control
Complicated (Stitches & Scars)
The Bitterness
Until The Day I Die
Hole In My Heart
Bullet In The Head
These Are The Bridges You Burned Down
Pure Evil

Reviewed by Lauren Carney

Fans all over the world went crazy when the hard rock band from Auckland, New Zealand announced that they would be releasing a new album to the world in 2018.

Like A Storm are best known for combining heavy baritone riffs and hard rock songs with some didgeridoo. Formed by brothers Chris, Kent, and Matt Brooks back in 2005. Fast forward a few years’ later saw long-time friend and youngest member Zach Wood join to become the newest member and drummer for the New Zealand group.  Since then the guys have shared the stage with the likes of Shinedown, Korn, Alter Bridge, Black Veil Brides just to name a few.

In 2015 the band released Love The Way You Hate Me which reached #1 on Sirius XM Octane in North America for 5 weeks, this would only the beginning of what was to come next from the NZ grown band.

2018 has been an insanely busy year for the band touring Ship Rocked as well as working in the studio to bring us the latest album Catacombs, something fans all over the world are counting down the days for.

Catacombs is packed with some of the heaviest drum work heard from Zach, incredible screams from Chris and catchy bass and guitars from both Matt and Kent this is a must-have album for everyone who is even the slightest bit of a rock fan I promise you won’t regret it.

The Devil Inside was one of the first singles dropped and is the first to open on the album.  We are first met with that famous didgeridoo sound fans just can’t seem to get enough of and something new fans will grow to love. Chris packs some powerful screams throughout the entire track, which makes the perfect statement you might just say ‘’you will be hypnotized’’ this album is sure to leave its mark on fans around the world. I was excited when I first heard this track when it came out and I couldn’t wait for the rest.

Out Of Control is slightly slower than the previous track before the vocals from frontman Chris kicks in and is the first thing to really grab you, follow this up by its catchy beat and Matt’s lead guitar work quickly remind you that the band have got plenty more heavy sounds hidden up their sleeves.

Catacombs: Chris brings back a little sneaky Didgeridoo throughout certain parts of this song. This title song is definitely one to watch out for with its upbeat drums from Zach and the melodic keys throughout the track, which makes it the perfect example of just who Like A Storm are.

Complicated (Stitches & Scars): Vocals from Chris are the first thing to get you once again, however, not for the screams but the unique almost techno vocals mixed in with those powerful screams are what really draw you in, and leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see what comes next.

Solitary: We hear that all too familiar sound that is classic Like A Storm which we first fell in love with all those years ago only this time setting the bar extremely high packed with those catchy beats from drummer Zach and slowing things right down with keys in the last few seconds of the song one of my personal favourites on the album .

The Bitterness: This track is the one that sold me, hook, line, and sinker. The fast beat and the insane string work from both Matt and Kent instantly made me want to headbang and rock out, it is one I personally would like to see played live many times over and possibly will be one of the fan favorites on the album.  I almost felt like I was rocking out in real life at one of their shows.

Until The Day I Die: As we reach the half way mark to one of the best albums of the year, for me, without a doubt. This track is more than just impressive and is nothing short of great.  Guitars bringing some of the heaviest riffs we have seen so far on this album and Kent’s bass work is amazing, making it the perfect balance of a hard rock song that leaves you wishing you are there in person rocking out to it.

Hole In My Heart: You wouldn’t be blamed if your first thought was this track was going to be slower paced then any of the tracks before it. That is until those heavy screams make a big comeback a few seconds later. As each track finishes you can’t help but wonder if the next track to follow can top the last. But don’t worry; Chris delivers on point and in every way.

Bullet In My Head brings that long overdue visit from the Didgeridoo as it makes a quick appearance in the opening of the track and then again midway hitting us with that heavy rock sound we have grown so fond of throughout this album.

These Are The Bridges You Burnt is possibly the heaviest vocals we have heard from Chris on this album and for the first few seconds I almost forgot I was listening to Like A Storm, but those insanely driven heavy guitars and drum work are an amazing balance for this heavier song.

Pure Evil is the perfect finisher to what’s been a rollercoaster ride of an album mixed with everything we have heard in all the previous tracks the guitars and drums from everyone in the band are definitely some of the most stand-out for this track and the raw emotion felt from Chris throughout this track sends shivers down my spine.

The album is definitely one for the collection and is already going to be a stand out album for me this year. The guys have done incredibly well with this one bringing us that much heavier sound they first set out to do. Well done boys!