[ALBUM REVIEW] Bullet For My Valentine – Gravity


Leap Of Faith
Over It
Letting You Go
Not Dead Yet
The Very Last Time
Piece of Me
Under Again
Don’t Need You
Breathe Underwater

Reviewed by Mitch Charlton

Ambition: A strong desire to achieve something. This is important for any aspiring musician, regardless the level of success that has already been achieved. Bullet For My Valentine’s latest album Gravity is ambitious, it shows that they are still hungry to achieve and be recognised in this ever growing world of music.

They are no longer the long-haired Welsh youngsters blasting melodies and speed metal riffs like their idols, now they are idols in their own right, inspiring the new generation of bands and influencing new music to come.

This album has a completely new sound compared to the previous works of BFMV. They are coming in to the world of modern production and sounds. Fans of Bring Me The Horizons, Sempiternal album will enjoy Gravity as it has a heavy use of electro/synth sounds behind the band playing and like Sempiternal, it has been well thought through. The use of the backing tracks complements and works with the arrangements rather than feeling like they’re there solely for show.

This album, I feel will split fans, you will have people that will enjoy and embrace this evolution and you will have the fans that enjoy the old harder edged Bullet sound. It has a slower feel than previous album Venom, some tracks bring in a soft ambient feel and there are only 2 tracks that have that older sound Over It and Don’t Need You, these songs are also currently on Youtube to check out.

The first track Leap of Faith begins with mellow keys and a vocal melody combination before kicking into the chorus with the full band, quite a turnaround from the previous works with No Way Out setting a quick pace for Venom. The pace of the album ebbs and flows but the pace never goes above this first track. Listeners and fans will also notice the lack of guitar solos in this album. Everyone knows that Matt Tuck and Michael Paget can write an incredible solo but there are barely any guitar melodies in Gravity as well. It would be interesting to know their thoughts on this, its not like the songs are nothing without them but guitar solos are always an added spice to a song that burns and tickles the listeners ears. All melody for the album comes from the synth and keys behind the band.

Gravity shows that BMFV are still willing to take a risk, they hadn’t strayed too far from their musical path since the beginning until now. With a new album comes new trials and tribulations whilst creating the art. This being an evolution album for BFMV would make this a more interesting time for the four piece to see how fans take the different sound and the lack of guitar melodies and solos. Already being at the top of their game in the world live circuit, this album will further prove to the world that when it comes down to it Bullet will lay it all on the line and show everyone why they are at the top.