[LIVE REVIEW] The Dead Daisies @ Kesselhaus, Berlin 03/05/2018

On May 3rd the Kesselhaus in Berlin was not only the right place for lovers of beautiful flowers, like daisies and roses (pun intended), but rather for fans of honest and badass old-school rock‘n’roll.

Getting to the venue only a few minutes after the doors opened I easily got a great spot in the third row in the middle of the stage. Something I noticed right away was the variety of people in the crowd. The front row was mainly filled with excited women of every age, behind them you found the cool fathers bringing their young sons to concerts and in the back I saw a bunch of older men dressed in metal and rock shirts and enjoying a couple beers from the bar.

Tonight’s show wasn’t the first for The Dead Daisies in Berlin. Besides a headline show in 2016, they also supported Whitesnake and KISS in Germany’s capital, hence a lot fans were already dressed in their favourite merch shirt of the band.

At 8:15pm the German band The New Roses hit the stage. I’ve actually never heard of them before and I was convinced they would be an American band until they started talking in German in between the songs. They have got this southern rock vibe mixed with some blues, classic hard rock and a lot of catchy tunes. The crowd was already chanting with them during their second song of the set Forever Never Comes. Front man Timmy Rough welcomed everyone to the rock’n’roll party and the next songs Dancing On A Razorblade and Gimme Your Love perfectly showed his very unique and amazing raspy voice. Guitarist Norman Bites throws in some badass guitar solos while swinging his long blonde hair around the stage like it was second nature. The band encouraged the crowd to sing along to their next 2 tracks, It’s A Long Way and Life Ain’t Easy (For a Boy With Long Hair) which was a lot of fun, although I wish that even more people in the back would have participated. Fun fact: during their second last song One More For The Road, Timmy Rough wondered if we are ready for The Dead Daisies and asked us to scream louder so the band, which would be backstage right now, could hear us. In actual fact John Corabi, the singer of The Dead Daisies,was right on stage watching the show hidden behind the amps – sneaky sneaky.

After a killer 45 minute set The New Roses finished their set and left us all pretty warmed up.

During the intermission songs by Deep Purple, Queen, Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith were blasted through the speakers which made especially the older generation very happy.

The venue was packed enough to get really hot, even more when The Dead Daisies came on stage at 9:30pm. They kicked off the set with two of my favourite songs from the new album Resurrected and Rise Up. The fans were singing, clapping and jumping along to the songs, ready to get lost in rock’n’roll heaven for the next hours. So the next song Make Some Noise was more than fitting to the current feeling in the building. After

that song John let us know that they shot a new music video in Berlin the day before the show and if you follow their social media accounts you already know that we will get to see a fiery video for the next single Dead And Gone soon. I’m excited about it, since that song was one of my highlights of the show. The chorus of that song stuck in my head for hours after the concert – Let me hear you say yeah, yeah – Come on come on yeah, yeah!

After a little detour to their second last album with Mexico which made the crowd go crazy, even without a shot of Tequila in their hands, the band presented us another track from their latest album called Burn It Down which came out in early April. What Goes Around is another solid and catchy rock tune which encourages you to move your body to the sexy beat and guitar riffs.

Another thing I notice about them is that it’s easy to sing along even when you haven’t heard the songs before, they always offer you big choruses and great hooks.

Next were The Last Time I Saw The Sun and Can’t Take It With You, the first rows continued to clap and dance along like there was no tomorrow, enjoying every minute. At this point we were already super sweaty, I guess the air conditioner wasn’t ready for this hot and fun filled rock show!

Soon it was time for the drum solo by the new daisy Mr. Deen -The Machine- Castronovo and he definitely kicked some ass with his drum playing! It was hard to see him behind the big cymbals, but that extra attention for the drum solo was well deserved.

After a brilliant cover of Bitch by The Rolling Stones and some talk box fun by Doug Aldrich during their song With You And I the band thanked their fans or better their ‘friends’ for the continuous support and growing every time they come back to Germany. Then it was time for the crowd to sing a song, because it happened to be the 25th birthday of bass player Marco Mendoza (he already got surprised by Happy Birthday posters from the front row fans earlier that night).

Right after that every band member got introduced again by the help of a classic rock song that everyone knows. We got to hear snippets of The Boys Are Back In Town for bassist Marco Mendoza, Rock And Roll All Nite for drummer Deen Castronovo, Highway To Hell for rhythm guitarist David Lowy, Smoke On The Water for the ‘The Golden Boy’ and lead guitarist Doug Aldrich and Heaven And Hell for singer and front man John Corabi. I was kinda sad that they didn’t play the full songs because they’ve picked such amazing songs, but of course I also wanted to hear more of their own songs. And so we got to hear their original songs Mainline and Long Way To Go before their cover of Midnight Moses closed the main set of the night. During one of the songs there was a slight malfunction of Doug’s microphone stand and he kicked it off the stage like a true rock star. As long as they don’t smash their guitars ha!

As good as the concert was the crowd seemed to be a bit exhausted at this point. It seemed like the guys on stage were in a way better shape than the crowd and knew how to handle a sweaty and hot rock show. Or maybe the fans thought about the cruel early wake up call the next morning since the concert was in the middle of the week!

Never the less the band came back on stage for an amazing encore and pleased us with another track from the latest album, Judgement Day and Deep Purple’s classic Highway Star. It seemed like the full venue used the rest of their energy to rock out during that last song before the band took a final photo with the fans and left the stage. What a vibrant end of an amazing concert!

As far as a I know the band did a Meet & Greet with the first 100 fans who entered the venue on that day FOR FREE right after the show. That’s something really rare nowadays when you look at all the exclusive and expensive VIP packages other bands are offering. Kudos to The Dead Daisies for doing this for free and as a thank you for the fans and not to get money out of it!!

To sum up, I can say that I had a brilliant concert evening. I wasn’t familiar with all their songs, but it didn’t matter because every song catches you during the second chorus at the latest. They put on an absolute energetic, fun show and had a great connection with the fans. Especially Marco who flirted a lot with the front row girls and threw dozens of picks to the fans and even rocked out in the middle of the crowd for one song.

That band is packed with talent and rock star charisma. I wouldn’t be surprised if they sell out big arenas soon. Try to catch them in the smaller venues as long as you can! As much as I personally prefer smaller venues they deserve all the success – just look at their tour schedule, they hardly have a day without a show and when they do, they shoot their next music video!

Keep an eye on their social media accounts for the Dead And Gone video and you will also be able to see some live footage of their Cologne show on the German tv channel WDR on May 14th. Don’t miss it!

Review Contributed by Laura Hyde