[LIVE REVIEW] Steel Panther @ Forum Theatre, Melbourne 15/05/2018

The usual assortment of Steel Panther faithful awaited entry, pun intended, but for now entry to the Forum Theatre for another dose of the supremely talented jesters of jubblies, comics of clitoral celebration and supreme masters of pubertal ponderings of poundcake poundage and their filth ridden roadshow.  Can’t fucking wait!

Now I must throw hands willingly in air and openly confess my sordid love for this…um…foursome, so please read nay further if seeking a  balanced and objective review.  Much like their offerings to the world, the wares of Steel Panther are pure fun and filthy frivolity of the first order.

I have witnessed the wonders of the panther more times than I can count with one hand, but I will not be spanking that same batter here with this account, nor gilding the willie in a flustered and furious fashion, for the foursome have brought is something very different tonight.  We here assembled bear witness to a stripping of sorts to reveal a new show on offer as Steel Panther revisit their roots, and explore every orifice of their humble beginnings and bring full circle the Steel Panther story.

The lads cum come arrive on stage without a single shred of support band foreplay and make a determined and direct path via our most available orifices, ultimately into each of our hairy, tight and willing canals.  Aural canals…jeez.

We are treated to a fantastic opening set of Steel Panther essentials like Eyes Of A Panther, Going In The Back Door, Asian Hooker and Just Like Tiger Woods but with more fantastic moments of hilarity and accompanying banter that could possibly be given justice in a written account, any more than a post coital essay, but needless to say, there was not a dull second throughout the proceedings.  The part of me that admires the men behind Satchel , Michael Starr, Lexxi Foxx and Stix Zadinia can’t help but ponder in delighted amazement as the show we all love is so brilliantly transformed and given fresh appeal without altering the recipient for sex cess.  These are true master of finding what is fun in this life is and making it pay.  I’m supremely confident that such open accounts of sexual misconduct are not everyone cup of creamy, steaming hot custard, but for we here tonight, this is just what the doctor ordered us to gargle and then….well, you understand.   From the sordid details of our protagonists upbringings, to allegations of whose face would be…I can’t repeat that…or whose crystal meth would be….I can’t repeat that…in fact, all I can really offer this early is that Stix is a Rick Allen impersonator for obvious reasons, Lexxi is the foxiest bass player in the world and I have seen six pairs of breasts willingly waved at the band by song four.  Yup, it’s an Steel Panther show alright.  But rightly, so as this show is sold out, steaming hot and with Melbourne doing the band doubly proud.  Now with more white pointers than the southern ocean, Michael remarks that ‘you won’t see that at a Nickleback show’ and I must humbly agree in delighted glee.  Community Property is sung so loud and proud that the song has obviously become an anthem for many, here tonight, to live their lives by.  It’s enough to make you moist (of eye) and the fan favourite Death To All But Metal seals the deal and the band finally withdraw.

With but a slender pause and such short time that most men could not possible muster the fortitude to go again, Steel Panther are back with set two and a genuine amazing, unrelenting series cover song poundings that gives this current show such fresh and fun appeal.  Motley Crue’s Kickstart My Heart delivered in fantastic form brings a smile to the dial and an appreciation for whee this band started and how they managed to carve their own unique identity in the world of music.  Just jump out of character for a second to appreciate what amazing people these guys really are and what a brilliant idea, fed with determination can achieve…globally.

Van Halen’s Jump, a Randy Rhodes tribute solo along with a hilarious account of Ozzy from Michael during a rendition of Crazy Train all set the scene for Satchels amazing solos with BOTH guitar and drums.  This entire show has more laugh out loud moments that I can ever recall before from a Steel Panther show, but having interviewed each and spoken at length, it is of no surprise to me that they have the Midas touch to freshen up their appeal and precisely the right moment.  Here tonight, Melbourne is made privy to that most magnificent of celebrations when a band bring their A game with a host of surprises and more belly laughs than can be counted.

In a moment of Aussie borne (yes, intended again) brilliance, none other than our boy from the ‘bool, Joel O’Keefe from Airborne runs onto the stage with his signature VB can in tow and belts out a mind scrambling rendition of AC/DC’s Highway To Hell as only he possibly could.  A can finishing guzzle and an impressive drop punt into the crowd and off goes our local heavy rock hero backstage.

Living On A Prayer brings about a panther show chorus line of cuties on stage with many throwing caution to the four winds with joyous abandon and revealing who exactly it was that let the dogs out.  Well, the puppies at least.  With references to a nearby fisherman’s wharf out of the way Here I Go Again brings about a series of evidentiary Steve Miller, Wheezer twice and a host of others have ripped off Whitesnake in a most irreverent manner indeed.

The night is afforded an encore brought in no small part by the cries for more and more from a thrilled crowd and scarcely any wonder.  We at STM love Steel Panther and their music but this is without question, the most fun we have ever had at the paws of the panther.  An absolute side splitting hoot from start to finish with every element you expect from an Steel Panther show as erect as ever but with such a fresh party appeal that makes ever second such a phenomenally enjoyable experience.

Thank you Steel Panther for the show of a lifetime with not a second of wasted opportunity.  Just amazing.  This is one of those truly unmissable shows.  If you thought twice because you have seen them before, get out there now and feel the steel because you haven’t seen Steel Panther quite like this.  Brilliant.

Review Contributed by Casper