[LIVE REVIEW] Sepultura w/ Death Angel @ Metro Theatre, Sydney 19/05/2018

Metal heads rejoice! Brazilian metal icons Sepultura visit Australia with Bay Area thrashers Death Angel in tow. The crowd extremely dense around the bar proudly displaying their favourite band shirts with many in previous Sepultura tour shirts as far back as the 90s.

Local thrashers Metreya warm up the crowd before Death Angel take to the stage to a healthy size crowd which grew consistently throughout their set.

Death Angel pummel through a tight set with smiles impossible to wipe off all members faces. Drummer Will Carroll worked tirelessly, even being the only member doused in sweat only a few tracks in. The pit was In full swing with fists high to sky to mimic those of vocalist Mark Osegueda. Let’s hope the crowd has left some energy in their reserve tanks after that!

The banner of Sepultura’s new album Machine Messiah, in which they are currently touring in support of, hangs high across the stage as the anticipation in the venue intensifies.

Low ambient red lights only just illuminate the stage to make out the silhouette of Eloy Cassandre take place on his kit, which is about to endure a beating.

As each member waltz on stage, the crowd seemingly unprepared to the immediate assault of I Am The Enemy, Derrick armed with his own drum and microphone leads the show into the first track with the pit taking until the chorus to begin moving at their potential.

The energy never waivers from each and every member on the stage. Andreas Kisser carries the singalongs with members of the crowd, each solo more epic as they come.

We are treated to the Chaos AD classic Territory only a few songs in which truly ignites the crowd into a frenzy of bodies bouncing around the floor.

The title of the latest album Machine Messiah is mentioned many times this evening, as the new songs are thrown at the crowd on after the other including Sworn Oath. Brazilian flags are raised high in the crowd, as a conversation ensues about soccer, sorry, football! With flags being draped over both Andreas and Paula’s amps. Before Green calls everyone out saying ‘it’s Sepultura time right now!’ returning the crowds focus to the music.

Kisser takes the mic to celebrate 20 years of Derrick being the front man of Sepultura to mammoth cheers. Followed by a few tracks from the first album they released with Green, Against including Choke and Boycott.

Eloy has got to be my live favourite drummer to watch his concentration is unprecedented and the intensity in which he annihilates is just astounding. The larger than life Green puffs his chest out with arms reaching the sky asking the crowd ‘Are you ready to bow down to the Machine Messiah?’ Before launching into the title track. Seminal Sep tracks Refuse Resist and Arise close out the night, although the crowd know not to go anywhere.

The band return to the stage to demand a singalong for Ratamahatta before hurling into the ultimate crowd pleaser Roots.

It was a night of incredible metal performances, with the crowd pouring out sweaty and happy.

Review Contributed by Megan Milner

Gallery by Roger Brooks