[LIVE REVIEW] Seether @ Metro Theatre, Sydney 23/05/2018

It’s been three years since Seether were last in Australia, but a mid-week gig didn’t prevent fans from filling up Sydney’s Metro theatre. The rock scene is very much still alive with the venue looking full even before the support act had started.

Hailing from the Blue Mountains, Red Bee took to the stage. A tight alternative hard rock three-piece band consisting of brothers Daniel Silk – the lead singer and Jim Silk – the bassist with Ian Dunn on drums. Their seven-song set showed off their style and ability to warm the crowd up, encouraging their cheers and announcing they were honoured to be there. During the set they told the crowd their new album Silent Enemy is “shit hot.” Before their last song they revved the crowed up further with some banter and gave it all they got before making way for the headlining act.

The crowd was excited, chanting while they waited. Seether graced the stage with their game face on. Opening their set with Stoke the Fire the first track from their 2017 album Poison the Parish. Next up was Gasoline an earlier song from their first full length album Disclaimer. This flash back saw the crowd erupt as they gave into the guitar riffs and heavier drums played by John Humphrey. Following through with more heavy songs from a variety of albums – Let You Down, Truth and Rise Above This – the band kept the energy levels high for the beginning of the set.

Lead singer, Shaun Morgan took a short break to greet the crowd for the first time, “thank you guys, so much. This is pretty fun.” The crowd cheered loudly but it was a short conversation, with the band seeming to have a ‘on with the show’ kind of attitude. The audience was not at all complaining and were straight back into head banging as Betray and Degrade kicked in followed by Words as Weapons where the

sing-a-longs really began and bassist Dale Stewart and touring guitarist Corey Lowery were enjoying themselves dancing around the stage. Save Today from 2014 album Isolate and Medicate slowed things down, almost to give the crowd a chance to rest. The almost five-minute song was more than enough of a break and as the intro to Country Song came on through the speakers, there was clapping, the whole venue was grooving to its fun beat and once again the floor was bouncing. Driven Under slowed the room down again before the band shared some of the bigger hits with the crowd.

The guitar intro of Fine Again began with the crowd cheering and jumping right into singing along. With only two members of the band on stage, a different addition of crowd favourite Broken followed and had Morgan not needing his microphone as the crowd did all the singing for him, for the most part. Heading into the finale of the night, Nobody Praying for Me and Fake It revved the crowd up again. With almost no talk or breaks throughout the night other than instrument changes, Morgan paused the show again for another moment of thanks, telling the fans that they “raised the bar for the rest of the of the tour” with Sydney being the first show of the Australian tour. Closing out the night with Remedy, Seether gave the crowd any and all energy that they had left.

The tour was in support of their most recent album Poison the Parish but the setlist was full of fan favourites spread out across the bands discography. If anything, this added to the crowd’s enthusiasm and showed how the band has stuck to their dark and moody ways, even with their on stage look and presence but never faulting in energy and enthusiasm. With promise of visiting sooner, the audience which was full of old and new fans alike left the venue very pleased!

Review Contributed by Carleigh Ingram

Gallery by Carleigh Ingram