[LIVE REVIEW] Seether @ Forum Theatre, Melbourne 25/05/2018

The line of punters went all the way around the corner and halfway up the colourful Hosier Lane as I arrived at the iconic Forum Theatre. Full disclosure, South Africa’s Seether and I have never crossed paths before but it was obvious they have quite the following here in Oz. It was quite a mixed bag of fan, covering all ages even reaching the 40+ seasoned group like myself.

Opening the night were Melbourne rock outfit El Colosso who ripped into their first song Leather Head to a quickly filling floor.  Although there were some minor feedback issues throughout the set vocalist Matt Cooper had the crowd paying attention with his exciting stage persona. Its worth checking this band out, but you will have to wait until they return from their up coming tour of Europe.

Melbourne had all the support acts covered as our very own Orsome Welles filled the second slot. Right from the get go bassist Matt Mander caught my attention with his energetic moves, covering the stage with ease. Singer Michael Stowers looked quite dapper in his hat and vest and brought a huge presence to the stage, this could be said of the whole band all giving off an infectious energy that was reciprocated by the expanding crowd. Orsome Welles put in a stellar effort and if prog rock is your thing you would be a mug not to check them out.

While everyone enjoyed the supports it was Seether they were here for, opening with Stoke The Fire from the latest album Poison The Parish, the crowd exploded as they worked through Gasoline and Let you Down. The floor a mass of constant motion as the fans bounced to the beat singing loud and proud. Rise Above, then Betray and Degrade to heavy things up bit, it was every fans dream. Words as Weapons had everyone singing along followed up by Save Today which slowed the pace and gave everyone time to catch their breath. Country Song was a funky tune that had the fans bopping.

Driven Under another nice addition to the setlist. Singer Shaun Morgan was a man of few words but he let us know Seether were happy to be back in Australia and hopefully it won’t be as long before we see them back here again. Fine Again, and fan favourite Broken had the crowd singing and giving Shaun a brief reprieve as they took over the vocals. Bass player Dale Stewart and touring guitarist Corey Lowery were enjoying every minute, their use of the stage was fantastic, keeping the sweaty fans not knowing where to look. John Humphrey was a master of his kit, his energy amazing all night, lucky he left a little in the tank for the final three, Nobody’s Praying, Fake It and Remedy. The fans clearly overwhelmed by the trifecta of hits seeing out the nights proceedings.

As we all filtered back out into the cold Melbourne night it was evident we will be counting the days until Seether return to our shores, and hopefully it’s not too long between drinks.

Review Contributed by Shane Henderson

Gallery by Shane Henderson