[LIVE REVIEW] 5 Seconds Of Summer @ Metro Theatre, Sydney 25/05/2018

The lane that runs up the side of The Metro Theatre serves a very good purpose; permitting people to line up safely, cheering when they find their friends, and allowing security to let everyone enter at a good pace – even when it’s a sold-out night for 5 Seconds of Summer!

The venue was wall to wall full, excited and tense. On the barrier several fans stood with flowers and signs, phones out ready and waiting. With no support act 5SOS had every eye glued to the stage awaiting them to walk out.

Bursting onto the stage with bright lights, they opened with 2014 hit She Looks So Perfect which caused ear piercing screams from the audience. Following with Girls Talk Boys from the 2016 movie Ghostbusters soundtrack and a slower song Disconnected. Each tune had everyone dancing and singing along, the night was off to a great start.

Luke Hemmings, lead singer greeted the eager audience, but it was clear the band was eager to play their new stuff. The crowd received the new tunes well; Moving Along was the first of the unreleased tracks to come through the speakers. Clearly the audience had managed to find versions of it before, as many joined in and others screamed in excitement. Following up with the angsty and fun She’s Kinda Hot and another new song Valentine. This song showcased their new, more mature sound and some three-part harmonies.

The night moved along quickly, and bassist Callum Hood sparked a conversation with the audience but with all the cheers, he could barely be heard. He thanked their fans and explained that they wanted to play a smaller venue to share their new material in a more intimate way. When he was finished, fan favourite Amnesia could be heard through the speakers. Of course, a sing-a-long was expected but the band was almost drowned out by the screams erupting from the crowd.

Continuing with song from the new record Lie to Me, Waste the Night from 2014 and yet to be released Talk Fast featuring lots of ‘woahs’ and funky drums played by Ashton Irwin, who could be caught standing on the drums when he got the chance. A little earlier Irwin also announced that it was his mum’s birthday and had a guess at how old she was turning “I’m probably going to get in trouble for this.’

Guitarist Mike Clifford was next to greet the crowd with Hemmings joining in for further thank yous. Following it up with the #1 single and title track Youngblood which saw the whole venue explode once the beat kicked in, with the audience on the floor off their feet and jumping. Jet Black Heart slowed the pace down a little and the band showed just how connected they are through synchronized movements which could be seen throughout the night. As always the announcement of “this is our last song” creates a hush over the crowd as they wait to hear what it could be. The keyboard intro to Want You Back began and screams followed. There was no doubt that the band was enjoying themselves once this song kicked in and they danced around the stage together.

Closing out this early night with a group hug on stage, revving the crowd up some more and throwing towels and drumsticks into the audience while waving good bye, left the crowd in hopeful wait for an encore that never came. But, after an energetic thirteen song set, it’s doubtful anyone left disappointed.

During the night they had a few words to say, telling the audience “we have so many memories in this place” and “Coming back to Australia is always a pleasure for us.” 5 Seconds of Summer thanked their label – EMI, their fans for being there and declared “this album feels like a new era for us.” With a more mature feel to the songs they shared being about love, heart break and their rise to fame, it’s to be expected that this new album will have a different feel than their earlier material. With a lot of anticipation awaiting the album Young Blood set to be released on the 22nd June and a hopeful tour later this year, 5SOS fans have a lot to look forward to.

Review Contributed by Carleigh Ingram

Gallery by Carleigh Ingram