The People The Poet Announce New Album – April 13 via AntiFragile Music

Today, The People The Poet released their latest album A Short Obsession With Time, their follow up to the critically acclaimed debut The NarratorThe album jumps back and forth between reflecting on the rebellious side of being a kid, and struggling with the progression of time.  To the imagination of a child when you can see the world as a magical dream place where time runs slow; to being an adult when you don’t always feel “grown up” enough to face what live throws at you; to losing loved ones around you as you accept you’ll never truly be ready for anything.  As the band expressed:

“One day you’re counting down the new year on New Year’s Eve, then you’re counting down the months and days until you’re first child. You count on your parents, family and friends until one day some of them are gone and you find yourself counting the days and years since they left. The album comes to the conclusion that in seizing the moment each day, all will be good in the end.”

The People The Poet self- released their debut album The Narrator in 2013.  Following the release of their 2015 follow up EP Paradise Closed, the South Wales rockers gained critical acclaim and were championed by the likes of BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, BBC 6 Music,  BBC Radio Wales, Planet Rock, Kerrang and many more.  They’ve been nominated for numerous awards, including the Welsh Music Prize and the UMA’s Best Rock Act.

A Short Obsession is available for now.

The People The Poet – A Short Obsession is out Now

“Those who are just discovering The People The Poet well…lucky you.” -Soundscape Magazine

This isn’t a recommendation, it’s an instruction. You need to hear this album, you need to listen to it in the dark when there’s not a single noise to distract you and you need to tell everybody what happened, because if not a single emotion ran through your head, you might well not be human.”-Cat on the Wall

Everyone needs to hear “The Narrator”. I am seriously telling you, not recommending you, telling you, buy it.”- Already Heard

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