[LIVE REVIEW] Sleeping With Sirens @ Festival Hall, Melbourne 22/04/2018

Festival Hall is buzzing with anticipation, the atmosphere alive with the feeling of excitement as the crowd eagerly awaits the music to hit the walls. Looking around, I notice the ages of the crowd varying from young to old.

The lights dim and the crowd is met with an explosive energy.

The Faim, a rock/alternative hailing from Perth, Australia  delivers a well put together string of songs, getting the crowd hyped for what’s to come. Heart melting vocals with clean melodies leaving everyone going wild. Lead singer Josh Raven with his incredible stage presence and knack for working a crowd made it that much more fun to watch this band.

I expect they will do big things. Definitely one to be watching as they come up through the industry.

Still buzzing, Festival Hall seems to come alive when it’s quiet. Most of the crowd not knowing what to expect after the explosion that had just occurred.

Personally, I had never heard of Lower Than Atlantis, a rock band hailing from Hertfordshire, England, but I noticed very quickly why they had been added to the bill for this show, with the clean vocals and heavy sounds, they meld together well with what Sleeping With Sirens give to their fans, time and time again.

The crowd interaction had me smiling from ear to ear as they opened up a circle pit half way through their set, keeping the crowd on their toes and filling the already energized room with another hit, tipping it over the edge and spilling out into the streets outside.

As the set came to a close, singer Mike Duce rev’s up the crowd by thanking them for taking the time to watch their set and hypes up upcoming main act, sending the crowd into a roar.

The lights are back up, the floor is shaking with sounds of music being played through the speakers, Eminem, Toto & more can be heard, not exactly what one would expect from this show, but had parts of the crowd dancing and singing along, the energy and anticipation clearly still pulsating through the crowd and the venue.

Having been a fan of Sleeping With Sirens since I was a teen, I was eager to see what this band could bring.

Waiting patiently and watching the outlines of each member walk on stage was enough to send the crowd wild once more and I knew the night was set to go out on a high note. The lights went up once more and the music started with a bang.

Touring with the 2017 album Gossip, this band has no shortage of songs to melt the crowd with. It was almost a blur as they tore through We Like It Loud & Go Go Go from 2015’s album Madness.

Lead singer Kellin Quinn wasted no time in talking to the crowd, treating us almost as family as he explains the reason behind the next song, talking about the anxieties of wondering where his life was going and what he could and couldn’t have done, giving us a reminder that he is a human and that he understands the struggles of daily life.

He ended his speech, saying he thinks of Sleeping With Sirensfans as family and thanked us for all of the support, before tearing into Better Off Dead.

The next three songs to follow would come from the album they are currently touring of off the back of Gossip, songs I personally had never listened to but have found a new appreciation for.

This however, clearly did not deter the rest of the crowd to scream their lungs out to Empire To Ashes, Hole In My Heart & One-Man Army, before the atmosphere was brought back down to the sounds of an acoustic guitar and heart wrenching vocals.

The sounds of Quinn’s vocals almost being drowned out by the crowd during Roger Rabbit, a well loved song from the bands acoustic E.P, If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack.

Continuing on their acoustic trip, singer Kellin Quinn announced to the crowd that he had seen a sign in the crowd, asking if this person could come up and play with the band. To my surprise, they made this happen, the whole crowd eating it up and loving every minute of it.


Zach, a very lucky fan was pulled up in stage and handed an acoustic guitar and the three on stage played The Strays together while the crowd screamed along. It was a beautiful experience for everyone in the room that night and one I’m sure Zach will never forget.

The high energy and smooth transitions didn’t seem to stop there as they once again tore through three more songs, Trouble, Congratulations & Legends.

But the few songs I personally had been waiting for were coming up next and I could feel the excitement bubbling up.

They screamed through If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn and I couldn’t stop myself from screaming along with them, as this was a song I had been waiting years to hear live.

Closing with If You Can’t Hang & Kick Me, the set felt like it was here and gone in a flash

With one more thank-you to the crowd, the show was over and street was flooded with a buzz and hundreds of happy fans on a cold Melbourne Sunday night.

All in all, while not knowing a good portion of the songs on the set list for Sleeping With Sirens, it’s certainly a show I was glad to have attended and am very thankful to have seen a band I spent a huge portion of my teenage years and even early twenties listening to and loving.

Review Contributed by Haleigh Torrance

Gallery By Jose Sanchez