[LIVE REVIEW] Rose Tattoo @ Bridge Hotel, Sydney 6/04/2018

Answering to fans requests for another tour, after being inspired by special invitation to “Bang Your Head Festival” in Germany last year; Rock N’ Roll Outlaws, Rose Tattoo recently announced their “Blood Brothers Tour”. The first, in over eight years, that will see them play along the East Coast of Australia, before heading to Europe in June to take on a massive list of dates, including “Sweden Rock Festival” and “Hellfest”.

Angry hand-picked his cohorts, he deemed fit for the run. After witnessing their assault last night, it’s safe to say, he picked well, really bloody well.

The venue, was an apt choice. The Iconic Bridge Hotel, in Rozelle has played home to live music for over 30 years. Anyone who is anyone in Australia, has played on the Bridge stage. The pub oozes old school and the staff are among the most hospitable you could want. The Bridge is all about live music and giving their patrons a great experience.

The night kicked off when support band Hitmen DTK took to the stage, an original Punk / Rock band from Sydney. These guys were solid entertainers and Johnny Kannis (vox) wasn’t holding back, even though he was missing out on Greek Easter, he informed us in jest. A few songs in to the set, he jumped off the stage, and with the help of the crowd, climbed on to the bar. Walking the length of the bar, Johnny did a fitting job at getting the room fired up, which was now quickly filling. Hitmen DTK belted out some impressive tunes. I thoroughly enjoyed their cover of the Sex Pistols – Pretty Vacant.  An over-all sturdy effort. The guys have a new album out, “SIX PISTOLS” that pays homage to six iconic bands that have influenced the bands collective music career. I’m keen to check it out, and after experiencing the Hitmen last night, I highly recommend you check them out.

I grabbed my opportunity to rehydrate, before returning to the front of the stage, in wait for the indomitable Rose Tattoo. I’ve seen the Tatts a few times, and witnessed Angry doing solo work, but tonight promised to be something special.

Shoulder to shoulder, the room was filled. People pushing and shoving, trying to get just that little bit closer to the stage. Was I giving up my spot? No chance!

As the band walked out, the crowd roared. Angry joked “calm down, we haven’t done anything yet”. The guys took their places; bass player Mark Evans of AC/DC, guitarist Bob Spencer The Angels & Skyhooks, Dai Pritchard on slide, Skins-Man  John ‘Watto’ Watson and of course, the impregnable front man Angry Anderson.

“One of The Boys”, opened the set, then “Juice on the Loose. The talented Dai Pritchard on slide guitar was faultless, he’s such a joy to watch whilst having my aural senses aroused. Mark Evans moved around the stage and looked right at home, while Bob Spencer, although amazing, seemed a little more reserved, as he kept his place on the stage. He knows he has nothing to prove, his music speaks for itself. Watto kept perfect time, as Angry, although a little wobbly on his feet, had no problem bellowing out his classic lyrics. Age has had no negative impact on his big voice or character. He may be short in stature, but he is larger than life.

“Assault and battery” had the room moving. It was impossible to stand idle while such classics were being belted out. “Tramp”, “Rock N’ Roll Outlaw”, “The Butcher & Fast Eddie”.

I remember at one point, I thought someone was spilling a drink on me, only to realise I was dripping with sweat. I wasn’t alone though, everyone down the front looked as though they had just walked out of a shower. Only no-one was smelling fresh, the scent of body odour in the room was brutal.

“Branded”, “Scarred for Life” and loads more hits were played. I did expect more tracks from the “Blood Brothers” album to be played, given the name of the tour. I was in no way disappointed though, so many favourites were played, and that was certainly made clear as the crowd cheered and sang along. After “We Can’t Be Beaten”, Angry announced “You know we don’t do that walk off stage and come back on bullshit, so we’re going to play one more for you”.

“Nice Boys” was the last song of the evening. I think many people were still expecting the whole “walk off and back on stage bullshit”, as they hung around, hopeful, after the band had left the stage. The night ran very smoothly, the sound was spot on and we were all left wanting more from the great Aussie Rock band!

Rose Tattoo and supports Hitmen DTK will be back at The Bridge Hotel tonight, to play to a sold out show. Rose Tattoo have just announced they have added more tickets to the show, so get in fast! Anyone that is attending will not be disappointed. If you miss out, they’ll be back in Sydney playing at Miranda Hotel on the 27th of April.

Queensland, you’re up next. Don’t miss your chance to witness this band of (blood) brothers, perform all your favourites, like you’ve never heard them before.

Many thanks to Rose Tattoo and The Bridge Hotel for a stellar show and a fab night.

Review Contributed by Trudy Johnson