Interview with Shakey Sue (The Hellfreaks)

G’Day guys Lauren here from Silver tiger Media thank you for taking the time out to have a chat
Hello Lauren, here is Sue, singer of the band, thank you for having us!

Back in 2015 the band got to play the Ink N’ Iron Festival at Long Beach what was that like for you guys?
It was a very special experience in many ways, but maybe not in a way that you might expect..
First of all you have to know that the band split up in 2014. I moved away from my hometown Budapest to Berlin at that time, and was struggling really hard with accepting my new situation without music, with building up a new life without having a band.  It was a heavy period for me and right in the middle we got the invitation to the Ink ‘n’ Iron Festival. It literally brought back the band to life: but with new members, a new spirit and new energy – I think this email changed my life more than any other lines so far.

So on one hand, this invitation meant the rebirth of The Hellfreaks. On the other hand, it was also the first time to visit the USA for us, none of us had ever been over the big pond. Especially for someone from Eastern Europe it’s a totally different world. Every little aspect starting from the behaviour of the people to the huge distances and large sizes of pretty much everything! The only thing that was the same is the feeling on the stage. The road to get to the festival – also because we made a 10-gig-tour around it – was something special, but the moment on the stage was exactly what we had been used to, and what we love.

You guys finished the recordings to your 3rd album back in 2016 Astoria, what was the writing process you guys took into creating this album?
It was like searching for a new sound, an own voice. The band has changed a lot over the past and this was the first record with the new line up, so there was no real concept behind it or any good old recipes, but as we think it turned out really well.

I am the only former member of the band. Apart from me, we were a bunch of new people, we had only one US tour together and we were just faced with a big mountain we had to climb somehow.

Of course, it was very exciting, because we’d all been making music for many many years, but never had a situation like that, to start an old band in a new way, to find a new way that we’re all able to call our own. But on the other hand, there was quite a big pressure: The old version of the band had split up before – and we brought it back, but we didn’t want to do it the same way. We wanted to do it our way, as neither myself enjoyed the old path anymore. But we had to react quickly: we knew that we had to bring out a new long-player as soon as possible to stay in the flow. There definitely were some hard moments, as they are normal in any case, when a new bunch of new people who don’t know each other so well start working together on something – so we learned a lot during the process.

Is there anything you would do differently the next time you write an album to what you did when bringing us Astoria?
Pretty much everything. 🙂

We’ve been working on our new longplayer for a good year and it’s still not finished. So as you can see, we already took out time pressure of the equation. Also we took the time to find the direction to walk toward, to have a concept, etc. It’s the first time that we won’t give out the album of our hands until we’re 99% satisfied.
Also we have some very interesting cooperations on our table for the upcoming piece. I personally go to vocal coaches actively to learn and work on new skills … so we’ve changed almost everything, and are going to push so much more work into it, than we ever could do in the past. But it’s just not done yet and it’s not the time to talk more about it. So stay tuned on our facebook page!  

In 2017 you released 2 new video clips take us threw how you created them did you all have your own ideas of how you wanted them to turn out?

We get the question about the creative process pretty often and we always wonder why: we do a lot, I guess way more on our own than most of the bands at this level. But we wouldn’t work together with a graphic designer, a photographer, or a video production company, if we had the feeling, that “we know it better” than them.

For both of the videos we told them what the lyrics mean, what kind of thoughts and feelings lie behind the lines and then, we got their first concept. Of course from that point we’re still working the idea out together – but the core idea for both videos came from the makers of them.
Burn The Horizon was managed by a really one-off and special teamwork.
Steven Shea (american writer, producer who’d worked on many video clips and US movies before), is a big fan of the band. He offered to make a video clip for us with his professional team and manage the writing and production also. The unique thing about the video alongside the production is the location of the shooting, because only the ‘viral video’ was made in Budapest, all the other parts were made in the United States of America.

I’m Away, which was made by the Hungarian Mihaszna Film, had been shot in various countries. An interesting fact about the video is that the financial background for it was partly based on fans’ support through an indiegogo campaign, in exchange for which they were provided with such merch and relics as, for example, my corset which I was wearing in the video for “Boogieman”, a clip that reached almost five million viewers. Besides venues in Hungary, the team also went to Croatia to shoot some of the scenes there.

For those who don’t know you who you are how would you describe your self’s too any new fans out there?

We play loud & fast modern punk rock with a very unique female voice on the mic, which is way more than just-another-riot-band. We are definitely the kind of sound you can love or you can hate, but nothing in between. As we are from Eastern Europe, we have a 100% true riot spirit, but we would never say ACAB, we would never shout out for drugs, we would never say that anarchy could be a solution, but we’re punks from head to toe. Why? Find it out!

Where do you guys find your song writing inspiration?
Each of us finds inspiration in something else. Luckily. That’s the reason why we are able to create something unique.
Personally I, as a singer, can only talk about things that I feel, understand, think about, whatever moves me, about what hurts me – and as someone from Hungary, I’m facing a lot of unfairness and it’s a great way to let this frustration out of me. . I’m getting pretty naked in my lyrics, so you will get a look right through my heart & soul.

Is there a particular track you like to play live?
We love all of our babies, but especially the newer songs from Astoria make our hearts beat faster.

What is next for you guys any plans you can share with with us?
As I already mentioned we are working on our next, 4th album and planning the right way to celebrate our 10th anniversary in February 2019. 



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