[DVD REVIEW] Foreigner With The 21st Century Symphony Orchestra & Chorus

 DVD Tracklist
1. Overture
2. Blue Morning, Blue Day
3. Cold As Ice
4. Waiting For A Girl Like You
5. Head Games
6. When It Comes To Love
7. Say You Will
8. The Flame Still Burns
9. That Was Yesterday
10. Juke Box Hero
11. Starrider
12. Double Vision
13. Fool For You Anyway
14. Hot Blooded
15. Urgent
16. Feels Like The First Time
17. I Want To Know What Love Is

Reviewed by Cassandra Hale

What could be better that Foreigner playing a live show, the answer to that is Foreigner playing a live show with a 58 piece orchestra and 60 piece choir! This amazing partnership between rock and classical marries together brilliant but really needs to be seen to be believed. With record sales exceeding 75 million the bands history speaks for itself, their hits are known worldwide, and when you add to this an orchestral arrangement it raises the bar to a whole new level.

We begin by welcoming the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra and Chorus to the stage opening with a lovely Overture to get the show rolling. Foreigner take to the stage and make their presence known immediately looking sharp and sounding brilliant. Never mind that decades have passed since their journey began, they are as on point today as they were at their inception. They work their way through a two hour concert filled with hit after hit, and as the opening of Cold As Ice rings out I am up on my feet just watching it! Singer Kelly Hansen even taking to the crowd walking on chairs and high fiving fans. The crowd drawn to a standing ovation at its completion, testament to the brilliance that Foreigner brings to every live performance.

The orchestra works faultlessly throughout the show, the composing/arranging team of Dave Eggar & Chuck Palmer superb, with no stone left unturned as they explore the symphonic potential of these quintessential songs. A simply stunning opening to Waiting For A Girl Like You with only violins was breathtakingly beautiful. The addition of an acoustic set slowed the pace and allowed for the orchestra and choir to shine with Say You Will a stand out.  That Was Yesterday had the fans on their feet again, followed by a spectacular orchestral/choir intro to Juke Box Hero a song that never fails to give me chills. Founding member and lead guitarist Mick Jones took to the microphone to sing Starrider giving Kelly a well deserved rest. Hot Blooded had a fabulous arrangement of trombones and Urgent had the choir clapping along.

Feels Like The First Time rocked up a storm and I Want To Know What Love Is was quite celestial with the accompanying choir and audience singing as one. The two hour duration of this DVD passed in what felt like minutes, it is a definite must have for any fan. If you haven’t got tickets to see Foreigner when they grace our shores later in the year, what are you waiting for, do it now!! If this DVD is even close to what we can expect you will not want to miss it. Foreigner kick off their Australian leg of the tour on October 12th in Canberra, concluding at Hamer Hall Melbourne on 30th October, complete with an 18 piece orchestra in tow so we can experience the dazzling effect of when classical and rock collide.  Get on this one quick as tickets will not last long!