[ALBUM REVIEW] The People The Poet – A Short Obsession With Time


Where Did the Year Go
Streets and Avenues
Beddau Boys (We Were Born Running)
Not from This Town
Where the Dandelions Roar
Kids on the Corner
Moving On
Late Late 28
From Time to Time
Ruins of Rome
This Is Our Time
Love Will Find You in the End

Reviewed by Casper of Rohan

Well, just bear with me here while I get up from the back wall and resume my chair in front of the PC.  Needless to say that this album just knocked me flying and I cannot scream loudly enough to the world to give this album priority upon its release TODAY (April 13, 2018) via AntiFragile Music.

This magnificent band from South Wales were originally introduced to me by Phil Campbell (Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, Motorhead) and those familiar with the band will know exactly and since that referral, my enthusiasm for this astounding band has been unwavering.  Unfortunately for the wallpaper behind me, even I was not expecting such a behemoth of musical appeal to spring forth from A Short Obsession With Time, and my expectations were lofty indeed.

Leon Stanford, Tyla Campbell, Lewis Rowsell and Peter Mills make up this monumentally talented outfit from South Wales, and they have been established since 2012 and released their debut album The Narrator the following year.  The group also delivered an EP in 2016 by the name of Paradise Closed and that release had many people from far and wide looking forward to another album.  That wait is at an end.

The stories orated melodically by The People The Poet are difficult to describe as songs, simply because each and every one is an engaging journey through a fascinating tale, all with a soundtrack of splendorous proportions.   This entire collection is more a celebration of life but also carries a slightly malevolent underlying warning to those who would frivolously waste one second of one precious day.

Where Did The Year Go is the perfect place to begin this journey both lyrically and musically.  The contemporary rock has a distinct folk element that frolics forth momentarily and then blends back into the scenery.  The band resist the temptation to rush this tremendously emotive track that seems to blend the finest of influences from both far and wide.  You will experience sounds familiar from U2, Big Country, Bob Mould and even Bruce Springsteen, but it attempts sound like no one more than The People The Poet and to be nothing more than it is.  And why try because this track is vastly appealing all on its very own.

Streets and Avenues appeals to the listener in moderate contrast and allows itself to stray into more a hard rock feel, but the lyrical delivery keeps track it in sequential perfection.  Track two and you already know this is the album you are going to be raving about for years to come.

Beddau Boys (We Were Born Running), Not From This Town, Where The Dandelions Roar, Kids On The Corner continues what I can only describe as a matchless melodic adventure that brings further elation and excited celebration with every note.  The music contained within this collection is scarcely believable and every person who ever appreciated music of any kind simply must have this within easy reach from this point forth.

Late Late 28 beats with an magnificently apt but anxious rhythm just as does the cardiac pace upon realisation that life had finished the giving and is now taking more and more away.  Just marvelous.

From Time To Time increases the beast and lift the mood magnificently with mood of throwing caution to the four winds, rather than the melancholic nature one would potentially expect from the lyrics.

Ruins Of Rome reinforced the genius in song selection once again.  The acoustic accompaniment and soulful vocal delivery suggest once again a melancholic reflection.   The peaks and troughs of life’s road are so beautifully laid before us through the journey that is this magnificent album.

Love Will Find You In The End gives us hope.  Some a hope right now for what the heart yearns, for others the hope that those we have lost we will find again, others will apply this beautiful and uplifting  song to a state of their own heart that I cannot possibly imagine, but this song will be close at hand to bring comfort, courage and optimism.

The only real sadness is the parting notes of this amazing journey.  As I vigorously type with a sense of genuine urgency to encourage others to experience what I have, my words scarcely reflect the true nature of the road I have just traveled courtesy of The People The Poet.  The places I have been and the people I have met and all within the covers of a gate-fold.

A Short Obsession With Time is not once ounce short of pure genius.  This is a masterpiece.  An emotive journey that is delivered through the medium of song, but so scarcely to this degree of brilliance.  The journey for me was both far and wide, taking me back to places I’ve never been and reuniting me with long lost family and loves I have never known nor, met. Yet I am left with a yearning and a sense of urgency to celebrate them while there is time. I can wait to press play and visit them all again.