[ALBUM REVIEW] Sink The Ship – Persevere


Second Chances
Out of Here
Domestic Dispute (feat. Bert Poncet)
Everything (feat. Levi Benton)
Nail Biter
Put up or Shut Up
Trust Your Gut
Strike First
Exposing the Hype
Take This to Heart
The Chase
Domestic Dispute (Acoustic Version)

Reviewed by Casper of Rohan

Get ready for a biggie from Sink The Ship folks, because after an uncertain future pondered during hiatus last year and some difficult decisions made, the band have emerged strong, capable and determined.  These sentiments are best described on the album opener Second Chances and to put that into perspective, this album is a mix of new tracks and four songs selected for a second EP back in 2016.  After singing with Sharptone Records the band were encouraged to resurrected and rework those tracks for re-release on Persevere and lets face it, the folks at Sharptone Records make a suggestion because of their extensive experience and knowledge of the global ear.  As usual, this proved a killer move and provides a bridge from the old into the new future direction of Sink The Ship.

Colton Ulery on vocals, Brandon Knerem on guitars, Zakk Godare on bass and Zac Fox on drums were already established from a sound and style perspective, but the ‘polish’ that has been applied since Reflections is self-evident and no doubt the signing with Sharptone has provided the extra juice for the band to launch into 2018 with confidence and determination.

Second Chances is probably my favourite track, quite simply because it sets the bar so high for the album and nothing that follows fails you now lofty expectations.

Out Of Here followed by Domestic Dispute demonstrates the bands capability for diversification and style shift.  The latter of the two features Bertrand Pocet from Chunk! No, Captain Chunk.  This collaboration come about simply because the lads from Sink The Ship went to France to record the album and both Bert and brother Eric, both from Chunk! No, Captain Chunk looked after production for the album.  Domestic Dispute has received way more thumbs up than down from the critical masses and no song about arguments would be complete without a good dose of ‘GET THE FUCK OUT’.  This track continues the introductory drive into the album and the excitement continues with Everything which features yet another collaboration.  Everything is a genuine yin and yang of melodic celebration and swings beautifully from angst and anger to melancholic reflection (no pun intended) and the contribution form Levi Benton is tremendous. Levi is the front man for from Miss May I, a killer metalcore band from Troy, Ohio and with his contribution, both vocalists manage to take this track to a monumentally amazing place.

The first 4 tracks really establish this album as undeniably tremendous and the inclusion of two collaborations within those four opening songs, provide a burst of excitement achieved with smart sequencing.  Considering the band utilised the skills of Fronzilla on the track Crossfire from their debut ep Reflections, guest appearances seem to be becoming a staple for Sink The Ship.  A sound move too because of the extra dimension of excitement afforded to recordings through peer celebration.

Nail Biter carries a distinct desperation with an angst and urgency both musically and lyrically.  This one is obviously written from a very personal place and honesty always provides a song the extra punch to make music truly emotive.  Brilliant work Colton.

Put Up Or Shut Up has so much appeal and starts so gently before taking us by the scruff of the neck, heaving as back and forth as it becomes the heaviest offering on the album.

Next is the title track Persevere and I can already see song being hefted back at the band, every word accurately screamed back from huge crowds at packed stadiums.  Sweaty writhing masses punching the sky and screaming your lyrics in unified angst.  That’s precisely how well Colton vocalises and the whole band deliver this track.

Trust Your Gut, First Strike and Exposing The Hype continue the album with an equal measure of quite diverse celebration and Zac Fox doesn’t let up for one second.  Furious percussive prowess enhanced by the rhythmic magic provided by Zakk Godare and Brandon’s guitar work is mammoth throughout.

The entire collection is very well rounded and completed beautifully with The Chase.  A catchy song and a very clever move to finish with such an appealing song.   You are left with very strong and positive feelings towards the band and their future in music.   I for one am appreciative that their hiatus has resulted in such a determined path and hunger for success.

Well done Sink The ShipPersevere is born of angst and adversity but morphs into a tremendous celebration through blending metal core, post hard core and pop-punk into a magnificent harmonic ballet of thoroughly satisfying appeal.