[ALBUM REVIEW] Heavatar – Opus II The Annihilation


1. None Shall Sleep
2. Into Doom
3. Purpose Of A Virgin Mind
4. Hijacked By Unicorns
5. The Annihilation
6. Wake Up Now
7. A Broken Taboo
8. An Awakening
9. A Battle Against All Hope
10. A Look Inside
11. Metal Daze (Manowar Cover)
12. The Look Inside (Orchestral Version)

Reviewed by Lauren Carney

German power metal group Heavatar released their 2nd album Opus II The Annihilation bringing on the 16th of February 2018 bringing  us an album packed with riffs, melody’s, power house vocals  and so much more while this may only be the bands second album to date it’s clear that these guys mean business and are here to stay

If you haven’t already checked it out it’s never too late do yourself a favor and get your hands on a copy now.    

1 None Shall Sleep – Opens up with some powerful riffs and driving drums before we are meant with the powerhouse vocals from front man Stefan that drawing you in kicking and screaming for more, as  the riffs continue dragging  their claws into you taking you for a roller coaster ride

2 Into Doom – Possibly one my least favorites on the album but still bringing that power house sound we just can’t seem to get enough of those crazy riffs from guitars are nothing short of incredible

3 Purpose Of a Virgin Mind – I found this one to be rather a catchy track there is something about those deep clear vocals that pulled me in making me feel as if I where there in person rocking out in some crazy insane pit there’s just something about power metal that always leaves you needing more which is exactly how I felt after this track

Hijacked By Unicorns – Opening up in the first few seconds with a piano don’t let the name fool you this track is just as power metal as any we have heard before. Not afraid to show of those crazy guitar skills and bringing those catchy tunes and easy sing-along vocals I just couldn’t help but keep this on repeat.

The Annihilation – A track I would kind of like to see play live all I could imagine in my head hearing this was a bunch of crazy crowed suffers having the time of their life to this catchy as hell track as each track begins and ends we see a new side to the guys as if we are on some crazy quest in a video game you never know what you’re in for. 

Wake Up Now – As we reach the half away mark to this crazy album it’s been nothing short of insanely amazing you can’t help but want it to never end this band just keeps giving there all throughout each track.

A Broken Taboo – There isn’t anything better than being met with fast pace guitars and drums this track definitely belongs on some kind of fantasy video game or movie Stefan’s vocals really help create the illusion that you are in a different time.

An Awakening – I couldn’t help but think I was in an entire different world. The catchy beats and harmonizing vocals draw you in to what almost feels like you sitting at some knights table in a kingdom in a far away land as you are met with the harmonizing vocals from an incredible female voice. This one was different to just about anything I’ve heard from the band it was refreshing to be taken away from the real world and taken on a crazy ride I think I played this song about 100 times over while doing this review It was a shame for it to be such a short song

A Battle Against All Hope – After the previous two tracks, we are now met with that power metal sound we first heard in the first couple of tracks incredible riffs and power house vocals the only down side to this track was the way it ended so abruptly.

A Look Inside – Falling just short of 3 minutes this was defiantly one of the biggest stand outs on the album packed with intense drum beats and powerful vocals that draw you in with the raw emotions from front man Stefan.

Metal Daze – Like any power metal band it’s hard to go past those crazy guitar riffs ‘’WOW’’ the more I listen to this band the more I wish I could be rocking out front and canter at one of their shows each track threw out this album seems to be telling a different story that just leaves you wanting more and more.

The Look Inside (Orchestral Version) 13 minutes that lets you take in everything the band has given us minus the vocals, just sit back and enjoy