[ALBUM REVIEW] Palace Of The King – Get Right With Your Maker


1 I Am The Storm
2. Its Been A Long Time Comin’
3. Sold Me Down The River
4. A Dog With A Bone
5. Said The Spider To The Bird
6. Move Through The Fire
7. The Serpent
8. Horizon
9. Fly Like An Evil
10. Back On My Feet Again

Reviewed by Casper of Rohan

Palace of the King have created yet another sensational release in get right with your maker, but nothing quite like before. This album is a treasure trove of melodic delights, sure to thrill and thoroughly engage rock aficionados the world over.

This majestic adventure will see you soaring through the familiar heights of classic rock at its finest, and swooping through the myriad of diverse aural destinations and exciting contemporary stylings, all beginning with a searing seven minutes of opener I Am The Storm.  From the opening beat courtesy of the magnificent and mega skilled drummer Travis Dragani we experience the prominent keyboard work of the tremendously talented Sean Johnson.   This album features Sean to a large degree as he casts his own unique spell over both guitar and keys.  The reference to a magician is no mistake and those who have seen him perform live know exactly how phenomenal a musician he is.   In fact, right from the outset both guitar and keyboards are beautifully entwined in melodic embrace, enchanting and beckoning you fourth toward the soaring lyrical delivery of Tim Henwood.   His brilliant vocals always send your jaw to the floor in bewildered glee and no previous recording quite prepare you for the skills demonstrated in each subsequent.  This collection is no exception to that rule and Tim will hit notes with ease that I can only aspire to without use of some form of testicular vice.   When you start to really feel the rhythm Anthony Licciardi Garcia that you realise that there are many avenues of rock appeal to enjoy, but then the realisation hits that so seldom are these highlights assembled in one place, so brilliantly by a contemporary band.  But those who know Palace of the King and particularly Australian rock icon Tim Henwood, will not be the slightest bit surprised that this collection is a labour of devotion with nothing rushed and every note sculpted to perfection.

Its Been A Long Time Comin’ is brilliantly sequenced as it heralds the fact that you are going to enjoy an album of diverse and magnificent rock.  This track consists of a very special blend of vintage and contemporary rock, but there are distinct elements of that unique old school Australian rock blended throughout this hooky, instant classic.

Yet another style change for Sold me Down The River and this album takes on a whole new dimension of magnificence.  The word organic resounds as the tracks roll forth and one wonders how the band have achieved such a sensationally dynamic sound.  As this aural adventure delivers scorching riffs, engaging lyrics, vocal acrobatics and melodic expressionism at is very finest I release that this can not possibly have been recorded in one sitting.

The album has been assembled over several sittings and the perfect dynamic of a band finely tuned,  is more than likely the result of coming off the road and straight into the studio.   This is something that is seldom the preferred method of modern rock bands, and the Midas touch that makes it all work so well, the bond that binds the intention with the outcome is and renders the vision realised, comes from the visionary himself.  Tim has maintained the dynamic aspects of the groups work on the road and cemented them on this brilliant album by producing the work himself.    Now that essentially imparts all that is required for most people familiar with Tim’s work.  He is the archetypical professional when it comes to the music business.  His vast knowledge, coupled with his tremendous skill and natural ability to lead, result in the outcome on this album being so very perfect.  Nothing but ‘just right’ will do for Tim and we the listener are the beneficiaries of that pursuit of aligning the original vision with the resulting musical manifestation.

As A Dog With A Bone, Said The Spider To The Bird, Move Through The Fire and The Serpent have you reflecting that you could very well be experiencing the perfect rock album, the process of recording in segments following stints fresh from contribute to the fresh and enveloping nature of this work.  When listening to the superb contributions from Anthony in particular, one wonders if an album of this magnitude could have been achieved with the involvement of a newcomer, without the experience of playing live with Palace Of The KingHorizon, Fly Like An Evil and Back On My Feet Again reinforce the importance of careful track selection and how that attention to sequencing can, as in this case, transform an album of sensational songs into a mesmerizing journey of rock perfection.

Palace Of The King are a phenomenally incredible band of supremely talented musicians and Get Right With Your Maker is a remarkably accurate portrayal of their capabilities, both live and in studio.  When you have listened to the entire album and managed to get your gob back up off the floor, put the socks back on that were knocked clean off and finished texting your friends about how much they need to ‘get onto this album’ you will feel the need to press play at track one and experience it all again right away.

This is all with out me letting you in on a not so little secret.  Without me spilling the beans as it were and Tim, I want you to know that I have caused myself a significant workplace injury in biting my tongue, but I will honour your wishes, absolutely.  To find out the rest you will need to pre order yourself a copy and prepare well to enjoy this sensational journey.

Bravura Palace of the King and we can’t wait to hear these tracks live. Truly magnificent.

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