[LIVE REVIEW] David Duchovny @ 170 Russell, Melbourne 23/02/2018

Punters in pursuit of ‘The Truth’ snaked into a large line as we waited for doors at 170 Russell. The demographic was one of the older generation, many of those having grown up with David Duchovny on their televisions, or others just fans of his musical career. Watching them stream in made me raise my eyebrows more than once, and to the fan wearing the fish net top with green alien pasties covering her most delicate assets, I’m am not sure what truth you were searching for but you were certainly ‘out there!’

With so many people turning out early, support act Georgia Maq had a large audience as she worked through her 45 minute set. It was quite a large opening slot and she took advantage of this fitting in as many songs as she could. She has many solid songs with lyrics clearly influenced by her coming of age, the crowd enjoyed her tunes and she was a terrific opener for the main event.

Tension mounted as we waited for the main man to take the stage. The buzz was getting louder as people pushed forward waiting to see their idol of the TV screen, we were all quite shocked when Thunderstuck by AC/DC rang out, lights flashing as ‘Thunder’ spilled from the speakers. The crowd brought it upon themselves to replace ‘Thunder’ with ‘David’ and the chant got everyone’s blood pumping. The band took to the stage first drawing out the intro just a little longer, then David bounced onto the stage, dressed in a black t-shirt and jeans looking fresh and fit. Opening with Every Third Thought and 3000. With just small chats in between it was all about the music, Maybe I Can’t, Let It Rain and Someone Else’s Girl getting everyone juices flowing.  David oozed charisma and was really strutting his stuff with many pouts and finger points, charming the pants off many girls and probably a few guys as well!

David was keen to show us all this necklace in the shape of Australia a lovely touch to show us how much he enjoys being in our fine country. Then a quick chat about gun control and how he wishes the USA will follow our lead in that department. Then a lovely cover of The Weight which was sung by several band members, each taking a different verse which David dedicated to ‘peace and brotherhood’. The band, which were named Ship Of Fools for the evenings show were terrific, they had a crisp sound and were technically perfect all night. Add to this the fabulous lighting and it made for a terrific show. The songs kept flowing with David even taking to the cowbell on a few occasions. Another cover this time Rebel Rebel by David Bowie, and while they gave it a good crack it is really hard to compete with the other ‘David’ in this case. Half Life saw out the first set and left the punters chanting for one more song.

With just enough time to catch their breath the boys were back to give us another 4 songs. The final cover of the night was Don’t Dream It’s Over which David did admit he didn’t know the words to but luckily enough the keyboard player did. So we all sang along singing ‘Hey Now Hey Now’ at the appropriate times, it was nice to have a little fan interaction and David seized the moment to jump in the pit and shake a few hands of his space cadets in the front row. Hell or Highwater was next, a definitely fan favourite and the night finished out with Positively as the final bows were taken.

It was approaching midnight as we filed out into the heat of the night, many still swooning from seeing their screen idol up close, some even getting a handshake or a high five. Several carrying their David Duchovny pillowcases purchased from the merch stand, I’m sure there will be many sweet dreams to follow as they are slept upon, or could they be a facilitator for alien lifeforms? Your guess is as good as mine, but we were in the company of the man who knows it all, so anything is possible if you just believe!

Review Contributed by Cassandra Hale