Interview with Shane Carroll (For All Eternity)

Sydney-based melodic metal core band FOR ALL ETERNITY released their new album ‘The Will To Rebuild’ last month. Lauren had a quick chat to front-man Shane Carroll about how the reception has been.

Your latest album The Will To Rebuild has just been dropped how do you feel the response has been so far?

Amazing so far! We stepped outside the box with this release & the response has been hugely positive, couldn’t be happier!

Are you happy with the end project sound wise?

Absolutely, we were quite ambitious with the sound of this record, but we think we got the final product exactly like we had envisioned.

What where some of the inspirations you had or were looking for while making the album?

Interestingly, I listened to a lot of older stuff throughout the writing process, stuff like Story Of The Year, Breaking Benjamin, etc. I was also into a few newer records, namely the new King 810 record. It definitely influenced me I’d say.

What is a typical day in the studio for you guys?

Our guitarist Nick tracked most of the guitars & bass, so the rest of us just chilled out & played Rocket League a lot, haha.

Can you describe the writing process that went into making the album?

For us, the writing was where 80% of the work was done. We left very little to do in the studio, other than execute.
Every sample, post production was factored in to the writing process, along with the instrumentation & vocals.
It was a very rigorous process. A lot of trial and error. Our guitarist Nicholas would write song sections & I would bounce ideas off him. Then when I wrote the vocals, he would provided similar criticisms for me. We work very well together which is what makes FAE’s wheels turn over.

Is there a particular track on the album that is a personal favourite to you?

The track ‘September’ is very personal to me, so in a sense it is a favorite, but at the same time it is a very bitter pill to swallow.
Each track has a special place, but to me that song stands out.

Is the end project completely different to how you guys imagined it would sound at the start of the process?

Quite the opposite actually, this time we managed to do exactly what we wanted. I’d attribute that to having more control & more awareness throughout the process. This is our 3rd studio album so we’ve learnt a lot along the way.

Can you explain the albums art work to us?

We have a running human heart theme across our records. This particular artwork is a glass heart that has been shattered & pieced back together. Its symbolic of how the heart will never be the same again, although still beautiful in its own way, the best attempts to piece back together will still not take you back to that place before. This idea goes hand in hand with the lyrical content on the record.

Can you take us behind the scenes of what went into making the music video The Vacated?

A lot of work. I myself spent 3 and a half days building the reflective heart art installation, we then carted it 1km onto a dried out lake along with all our musical gear & equipment. We only shot for 3 or so hours, we’re stoked with the content.
The water scenes were something else altogether, we shot that in winter & the ocean was like knives.

Is there a particular track on the album you would like to make a video for?

I think September. The track has a lot of emotion that I think we could convey well in a video.

What’s in the works for 2018 that you can share with us?

More music we hope! More touring & more activity. Our band has decidedly ramped down our movements over the last few years & the way things are progressing, we are hopeful for a busy year.

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